Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Goodbye JobsDB Philippines

I was surprised to find this email in my inbox.

I had a flashback of when I was still a fresh graduate way back 2000 (or was it 2001?). I have used this job search engine to look for jobs within Metro Manila. They were able to pair me up with job searches that is related to my field or based on what I have ticked on their checklist.

I have also used jobsDB when my husband announced that he wants to go back to the Philippines. I searched and see if there are any job opportunities that will suit my profile. I also read their articles about how to get the job and their job seeking tips. It also gave me a chance to see what the companies are looking for. 

It was not just a one-sided search because I also used other job search engines like Jobstreet and Inquirer's as well. 

Reading more about the notice, I commend them that they point their jobseekers to the other job search engine, Jobstreet. I like that kind of attitude. It seems there was no bitterness (but of course, this is just me reading the notice I received). 

JobsDB will be closing the site on June 30, 2016. I guess it was a good fight. 

Though it makes me think, what has changed with the hunting process done by job seekers and what do companies use now to get their ad out there?  

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Blog is alive! It's alive! and a lesson learned for not asking (duh)

I did not think I would be coming back here since I have started this blog.

But hey, it has survived and I still cannot believe that I am still getting views on this blog so might as well put it into good use, right?

A lot of things have happened. We are now back in our home country for more than a year now. I have to say that I have somewhat adapted a laid back lifestyle which is something I need to break very soon (note: not doing me any good! LOL). 

Since I have a lot of time in my hands, I am back to hunting work online. I think I have made this decision (a firm decision when to start) just on the start of this year. I told myself that this is the time that I need to focus on what I wanted to do and that is to work from home. 

Just yesterday, I have opened up my OLX account and saw a response to a question I have sent regarding an online gig that I saw. The person said that there is no fee to register on the site and it promises an earning of a minimum of $200 it says. That was ka-ching! ka-ching for me so I thought I'd give it a try. 

I entered my details and registered. When I registered, my ka-ching! ka-ching! thoughts were replaced with my oh my! 

See!! It does not even have anything on the site and yet I was lured!!! Why?!!!

From what I gather on the website that I need to refer people and ask them to click to a link and have them register as well (action: banging my head). 

I am not sure if you can categorise this as me being deceived because if there is one thing I did not do that is to ask more about what it's all about.

Now, I am registered member though I am not really confident that I can earn referrals more so because of the fact that I do not even know what the site is promoting about (double arrggh!). 

So there, me registering without being a bit investigative about it (I really am wondering why I did that because I usually do a bit of research before even joining sites! My brain must be sleeping that time). 

Well, what better way to say that this blog is alive --- promote a booboo you have just made (oh bummer)! However, if you think you can make money doing referrals, maybe you can click on this link and hit me up. Will appreciate it! Promise!