Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nicole - What have you done?

When I was still in the Philippines, my weekends would usually be having dinner with friends, probably watch a movie with them or sometimes, we would go and hang out in a bar.

In all honesty, I never liked entering bars especially if the party has already started.


Well, the place will be filled up. For you to enter, you need to bump into lots and lots of people... some would bump you intentionally and try to take advantage of the situation.

I also don't like the idea of meeting guys in the bar and end up going home with them - like what happened to 'Nicole' (Sorry if I might offend someone here but of course, this is just my personal point of view).

An adventure that turned into a terrible, terrible nightmare (see articles about it here)!

Lance Cpl Daniel Smith is now being detained in the US Embassy and Nicole has left the country to start a new life.

When we all thought that the case is now put to rest and justice has been served, Nicole has sent a statement recanting her testimony stating that she was just scared on how her mom and her boyfriend would react if they find out what happen to her.

This statement has caused another media frenzy and a lot of women groups were stunned with this new development.

I feel sad because once again, we have tarnished our image. I don't know if it was because a settlement was made between Nicole and whoever. It just sends a wrong message about us, Filipinas.

Living here in a different country, we struggle to keep our heads high. This kind of 'news' does not help us at all.

I hope that Nicole will re-think the decision she has made. As this does not only reflect on her but also to all the Filipinas as well.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When should laws be changed? or modified?

My room mate and I were watching Showbiz News Ngayon (SNN) two days ago and we had to stop what we were doing to listen to what Claudine Barretto-Santiago and Raymart Santiago have to say about what happen to their baby, Sabina Santiago (read more from here and here).

We cannot believe our ears when we heard that the fan will not be charged of anything because she did not touch Sabina or did not have Sabina for a day!!!

Now what does that mean?

Sabina had to be with this lady for a day or two before the police can file a case? Is the intention not clear? How can the person who did it understand that what she had done was wrong? How can we set an example for others who are planning to do it as well. What kind of message are we sending to tourists? foreign artists? It's okay?

I think our lawmakers should start doing something about this.

We are talking about the safety of our children and the people who are visiting our country. We cannot just shrug our shoulders and say 'Well, that's what the law states' and we forget about it as if it did not happen.

On the other hand, I commend Sabina's yaya as she remained alert and did her job well because she immediately called the couple and confirmed if the information is correct or not.

I hope the Santiagos have rewarded their helper for being alert in these kind of situations.

I am not rich and maybe there will not a 'fan' stalking me... but it is good to know that our lawmakers will take note of this issue and try to modify the law. It would not hurt, right?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to get more readers for my blog?

I have maintained this blog since July 2008 but never got any consistent number of viewers.

I know part of it is my fault because I am not updating this blog as frequently as I could.

I just want to know how else can I increase my hits? or make people leave comments on this blog. Sometimes, I wonder if my blog is even interesting for the readers.

  • Do they think my blog is informative?
  • Does it relate to their lives (at times)?
  • What do they think about my blog, in total?
So, can anybody out there help?

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mohammed Alshaya Plans to Open Office Depot and Express

I have been browsing over the internet and saw this post from

Back in the Philippines, my trip to the mall would not be complete if I do not stroll inside National Bookstore. Inside, you would see piles and piles of notebooks, pad papers (long pad, intermediate pad, 1/2 pad and 1/4 pad), staplers, fasteners, binder notebooks and so much more.

Aside from that, they also have books from Tagalog romance to International best sellers.

I would spend hours inside the bookstore that my mom had to drag me out or would at times threaten not to give us a snack if I do not leave NB.

When I came to Dubai, I decided to document my stay here cause maybe I could write a book about it (still have that notebook!). Imagine my dismay when I could not find a stationary shop here in Dubai - the place that has almost everything!

This news about Mohammed Alshaya opening US store, Office Depot and Express is something that I will definitely look forward to.

Yes, Magrudy's, Borders and other bookstores are available but it's still not the same as National Bookstore.

I know the store says Office Depot but I'm expecting a lot of writing pads, notebooks, school supplies and more will be available in this store.

I feel this would allow the kids to be more creative - in paper. For them to write about their thoughts or draw whatever they want.

Sure am expecting this store!!! :)

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Change in Layout

Hey there my readers!!

As the first quarter of 2009 comes to an end, I have decided to change my blog layout too.

I think with this 'new' image, I am able to bring you more stories, news, reviews and opinions about what's happening with the world.

I know I have not been posting lately (bad! bad!) however, I will make sure that this blog will be filled with information!!! about celebrities, political figures and social events that has captured the eye of an 'observer'.

I hope I can still count on you to be a part of this journey with me.


Remit... Remit... Remit...

I have been living in Dubai for the past five years and I cannot remember a day when I did not send any money to the Philippines!

Being an Overseas Filipino Worker a.k.a. OFW, our most important duty for our families and our country is to send remittances.

If sending remittances was a fad then the Philippines will never be out of fashion.

According to the, the remittances we are sending out is very important to our country's economy and the massive lay-offs is not helping the situation.

Since more people are out of work, the monthly remittance will also decrease.

There are even talks that the Philippines will suffer the blow of recession this year... now my friend back home begs to disagree.

According to her, the word recession is not necessarily applicable to the Philippines. The spending habits of Filipinos have not changed, she says.

People still go to malls and buy stuff... watch movies and eat out. There might have been a marginal decline but compared to Dubai wherein even during lunch breaks and rush hours, the restaurants do not have that much patrons and well, the roads is not congested anymore.

I still believe the Philippines can make it... as we Filipinos always find a way. We always survive because we know we can.

Now isn't that great? :)

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