Tuesday, May 9, 2017

This is Us Season 2 Update: Cast and Crew Starts Filming in June!

This Is Us Season 2 is one of the much-awaited seasons of all NBC series. Luckily, Lonnie Chavis who takes on the role of little Randall spilled the beans on when the cast and crew will start filming for Season 2. Read on to know more!

This Is Us star Lonnie Chavez had a chat with Entertainment Tonight's Nischelle Turner where he revealed that NBC's tear-jerking show will start filming this June or July. This piece of information definitely brings the show back on its avid viewers' radar. The last time everyone held a box of tissues for the series was on its finale episode aired last March.

Apart from the revelation Chavez did, he also captured the public's hearts when he got on MTV's stage last Sunday, May 7. Chavez, together with Milo Ventimiglia, accepted the award for the series. Today reported that the Dan Fogelman show won the Best Tearjerker award from MTV. While on stage, Chavez can't help but voice out a concern that he had.

This little big star really got potential

The outlet noted that the young Randall told everyone in the audience that he can't keep faking that the large cup of golden movie popcorn was not heavy. This comment brought laughter to the audience. Chavez's This Is Us co-star helped him out with the award. Meanwhile, a stagehand lowered the mic for the young actor to be heard.

It was definitely a cute and proud moment for Chavez and the rest of the This Is Us cast for bagging yet another award for the series. This Is Us premiered on NBC on September 20, 2016.

The series' unexpected plot twist caught the attention of the viewers and got them hooked to watch each and every This Is Us episode. However, when the show aired their Season 1 episode finale, viewers expected that the Dan Fogelman series would finally reveal how Jack (Ventigmilia) died.

The episode garnered polarizing views from its supporters. Some were disappointed with the Season 1 finale that they plan to boycott the series altogether. However, I am pretty sure that those were just emotions talking and they will continue to show their support when the series airs the first episode of their sophomore season.

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Why did Tito Sotto's name took the top spot on Twitter

Yesterday was a big day for President Rodrigo Duterte's appointees as they face defend their position on the Commission on Appointments hearings. A position they have held for about 10 months. However, the spotlight was turned to Senator Tito Sotto for that one question which created a stir online and made his name trend on Twitter.

Department of Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo answered all the questions thrown at her about her competency as the agency's secretary. When it was Sen. Sotto's turn to ask, CNN Philippines reported that the senator attempted to shift the focus on a "lighter topic" and decided to ask about the secretary's family.

The senator asked Sec. Taguiwalo's marital status and inquired about her family set-up. Taguiwalo explained their current set-up and confirmed that she is indeed single. Sotto went on and said, "In the street language, when you have children and you are single, ang tawag dun e, 'na-ano' lang. His statement earned him a few laughs in the hearing.

Meanwhile, the DSWD secretary calmly responded, "Senator Sotto, I teach women studies. So, we respect all kinds of families and that includes solo parents." This exchange caught the ire of netizens and Twitterverse felt the rage people had about the senator.

Rappler noted that celebrities did not exclude themselves from giving their two cents about Sen. Sotto's statement. The outlet noted that Claudine Barretto called out Sotto, who is reportedly Barretto and estranged husband Raymart Santiago's godfather in their wedding, saying that she is proud of herself for being a single mother. Moreover, the actress said she has so much respect for single mothers who act as a mother and a father to their kids.

Broadway singer Lea Salonga reacted through Twitter and said that she curse anyone and everyone that sees a woman like her mom, who was a single parent, as "less than." Meanwhile, comedienne Pokwang noted that she became a single mom because her then partner did not have the balls to provide for them but she is proud to say that she was able to raise her child well.

Towards the latter part of yesterday's hearing, Sen. Sotto apologized for his comment saying that it was meant to be a joke. He did not intend to disrespect the DSWD secretary. "As I’ve said, it was meant as a joke, and everybody in the hall, almost everybody laughed. I don’t think it was done disrespectfully. But as I said, just to drive home the point, if they are offended, then I apologize," said Sotto.

What can you say about the remarks made by Sen. Tito Sotto and what would you want to tell him about single parents? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.