Monday, January 30, 2017

Seven Year Switch Season 2 Dustin and Kelsey Find One Another Interesting

FYI has just started a new reality show titled Seven Year Switch. They have switched four different couples who they think are most compatible with one another. They are to be part of the experiment for two weeks. After the experiment, they will make a decision whether they want to continue being married or will they opt out. 

Seven Year Switch Season 2 update 


Switch spouses Kelsey and Dustin are hitting it off really well. From the time they met, they both feel the attraction. Prior to meeting Dustin, Kelsey wants her husband to be a bit adventurous, in all aspects but most importantly, in their lovemaking. 

Mail Online reports that Kelsey is already thinking ahead. According to the source, she admitted that she is "thinking long and hard" what it would be like to be intimate with her switch husband, Dustin. "Would Dustin be more fun and willing to try new and different things that James wouldn't be willing to try?" asked Kelsey. 

Dustin, on the other hand, knows that his switch spouse wants "a bad boy." He concludes that Kelsey's husband, James will not be able to "please her." The media outlet reports that the former MMA fighter is beginning to feel that being alone with Kelsey is a challenge. 

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Meanwhile, Jaclyn and James are treating this experiment as two adults. They shared information about their marriage and details about their partners. For me, it is not evident between the two whether they feel a certain attraction to one another or not.  

Us Weekly reports that while their respective spouses are having fun with the experience, Jaclyn is irritated with how Kelsey and Dustin are treating one another. Jaclyn admitted to James that she wants to "punch" Kelsey on the face especially when she finds out if James' wife touched her husband "multiple times." Meanwhile, James did not comment on the former's statement. 

Are you curious about what will happen between Kelsey and Dustin? The Seven Year Switch will air its next episode on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 9 p.m. on FYI.   

source: Twitter/ Jamie N. Otis

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nick Viall's The Bachelor So Far...

Since I write a lot of trending topics lately, reality shows are included in the list. I notice that a lot of viewers prefer watching ABC's The Bachelor. The idea of a man searching for his partner in life is quite similar to what fairy tales were like when we were younger.

Nick Viall's The Bachelor Season 21 recap

Nick Viall's The Bachelor season started airing this January. ABC chose Nick over the other potential bachelors from their other reality shows, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Some were wary that this is Nick's third try to find his one true love. Reading through news reports, The Bachelor Season 21 was done differently. 

Rather than 25 bachelorettes, the show had an additional five. Unfortunately, those bachelorettes were immediately dropped off from the first episode. After that, the battle to Nick's heart started. An immediate concern Nick saw was the presence of his one-night stand: Liz, the Doula. 

They had their chance during Jill Tanner's wedding but Liz was not in a place where she was ready to date. They've put it off, no communication and then she appeared in Nick's The Bachelor season. The girls did not know about their past until Liz told Kristen. In one of the group dates, Liz sort of made her feelings known about their one-night stand nine months ago. 

This worried Nick but he kept his composure until they had a chance to talk. In the end, Nick sent Liz home. This threw some of the girls off. Others were even contemplating whether they should leave the competition or not. 

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Meanwhile, the Liz-Nick issue was forgotten because of the show's villain, Corrine Olympios. The girls and viewers noticed how Corrine tries to take a portion of the girl's time with Nick for herself. A news article revealed that Corrine is just faking everything and is just following advice from the show. Her mom says so. 

The Bachelor Season 21 will air their fifth episode on Monday, Jan. 30. In this episode, the battle between Corrine and the girls continue. However, the former is currently focused on one bachelorette, Taylor. 

The promo teaser showed the only one between the two bachelorettes will remain. Who will Nick choose? Don't forget to watch The Bachelor's next episode on Monday, on ABC. 

Source: Twitter/ E! Online TV Scoop 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Razzies 2017 Nominations Increased; Ben Stiller's Zoolander and Ben Affleck's Batman Included

The Academy Awards will shortly release their nominees for the 2017 Oscars. Meanwhile, in true fashion, the Razzies announced theirs before the prestigious award-giving body. The Razzies nominees include Ben Stiller's Zoolander 2 and Ben Affleck's superhero movie, Batman. 

Razzies 2017 nominations are out! Reuters reports that Zoolander 2 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were top contenders for the worst film made in 2016. Stiller's "fashion industry satire" movie reaped a total of eight nominations including worst director.

Meanwhile, another media outlet reports that apart from the Meet the Fockers actor, his co-stars, Will Ferrel and Owen Wilson were nominated for "worst supporting actors." On the other hand, Affleck's movie received nominations for worst film and worst actor category. 

The award-giving body sadly reported that they had to increase the number of nominees from five to six. This is as if to convey a message that there were a lot of bad films were produced last year. 

The publication reported that award-winning actor Robert De Niro's Dirty Grandpa is included in the list. The Razzies will announce their winner on Feb. 25, a day before the Oscars will award their much-coveted trophy.

I have not seen Zoolander 2 and even the first movie. I am not sure I will be a fan of those movies either. Well, let us see who between the two Bens will reap the most awards from the Razzies! 

Stay tuned! 


Photo: Twitter/ Lee McMonagle

Monday, January 23, 2017

Thoughts about this blog ...

I have been busy with my online job(s) that I never get the chance to update my blog(s). After working as a web content writer, my 'Eureka' moment came when I least expected it - while eating spaghetti and rice one day. 

I said to myself, why not create a blog that will let me write an overflow from my work. Say whut? I mean, there are days when you get to see a lot of topics online that you are itching to write about but can't do so with your present job. 

Rather than create a new blog (yet again), I thought why not re-purpose one of my blogs instead (nice! yah??!). Initially, I wanted this blog to be all about journalism and whatnot. However, I don't think I am credible enough to write about it. Since, I have not had any experience in the journalism field except when I was doing my summer job in university. 

Maybe I will still have a few insights about journalism that I can safely write about. So, I am not really closing that door and maybe you will also see snippets of the novel I plan to work on too. Or you can also most of the novel writing from my other blog (yes, I have another one! I told you!). 

So, let's see how this goes. I hope you will still follow my posts even if I write about KPop (yes), Celebrity gossips (err... yeah, if it matters to me) and more. Thanks for being with me and I wish we can still be together, despite the fact that I really write less these days. 

 Till my next post okay? This is one of my goals for 2017!!!

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ Odysseus