Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nick Viall's The Bachelor So Far...

Since I write a lot of trending topics lately, reality shows are included in the list. I notice that a lot of viewers prefer watching ABC's The Bachelor. The idea of a man searching for his partner in life is quite similar to what fairy tales were like when we were younger.

Nick Viall's The Bachelor Season 21 recap

Nick Viall's The Bachelor season started airing this January. ABC chose Nick over the other potential bachelors from their other reality shows, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Some were wary that this is Nick's third try to find his one true love. Reading through news reports, The Bachelor Season 21 was done differently. 

Rather than 25 bachelorettes, the show had an additional five. Unfortunately, those bachelorettes were immediately dropped off from the first episode. After that, the battle to Nick's heart started. An immediate concern Nick saw was the presence of his one-night stand: Liz, the Doula. 

They had their chance during Jill Tanner's wedding but Liz was not in a place where she was ready to date. They've put it off, no communication and then she appeared in Nick's The Bachelor season. The girls did not know about their past until Liz told Kristen. In one of the group dates, Liz sort of made her feelings known about their one-night stand nine months ago. 

This worried Nick but he kept his composure until they had a chance to talk. In the end, Nick sent Liz home. This threw some of the girls off. Others were even contemplating whether they should leave the competition or not. 

More The Bachelor Season 21 news

Meanwhile, the Liz-Nick issue was forgotten because of the show's villain, Corrine Olympios. The girls and viewers noticed how Corrine tries to take a portion of the girl's time with Nick for herself. A news article revealed that Corrine is just faking everything and is just following advice from the show. Her mom says so. 

The Bachelor Season 21 will air their fifth episode on Monday, Jan. 30. In this episode, the battle between Corrine and the girls continue. However, the former is currently focused on one bachelorette, Taylor. 

The promo teaser showed the only one between the two bachelorettes will remain. Who will Nick choose? Don't forget to watch The Bachelor's next episode on Monday, on ABC. 

Source: Twitter/ E! Online TV Scoop 

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