Sunday, September 25, 2011

Imagine That...

And I thought I was just blabbing without an audience but it turns out, I have some! :) 

Thanks to you all who have been reading my blog - intentionally or unintentionally.

This is now giving me the inspiration to write more and be more vocal about my adventures and misadventures of searching for online writing opportunities.

Of course aside from that, I will also include here pieces / articles that I will be writing related to certain issues that are worth discussing. Please feel free to put your comments in - you can agree or disagree. This is where a forum starts right?

I'm getting giddy and excited about this! :)

Thanks again readers! :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still unsuccessful...

Still no luck in finding an online stint or maybe I am just not looking hard enough. 

I guess it can be because I am so engrossed with the games in my iPhone that I am not focusing on what I should be doing - looking for opportunities online. I am a member of various online writing organisations - Helium, Triond, oDesk, Elance and the list goes on. 

I have not got the chance to really sit down and go through each and every website - to look for possible opportunities for me. A friend once said that since I have a full-time job, the requirement for having an online presence is becoming a bit slim. One of the reasons she has highlighted is the fact that I need to focus on my bread and butter - my current job. 

She is right but at the same time, there is something inside me that is saying that I also need to build my portfolio. I cannot just rely on what I have written in the past or on my blogs because I cannot consider that as my latest works. 

I thought maintaining an online blog with my opinions and news features would be a plus (and I think it is) has not really materialised! 

I think all I need is a plan. I need to have something in place so that I don't end up feeling sorry for myself. I will try and see if I can feature something in this blog at least once a month - something like a magazine would do. Come up with stories that I can write about here. 

If you dropped by this blog and have seen this entry - feel free to write about an idea or maybe a topic that we should discuss (hmmm... I think I only have one follower! Hopefully, I can do something about that too!). 

That it for now! Ta!

*am now working on my next feature for this blog. Hopefully, before the month ends!*

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Neglect... PTCs... and more

Hey everybody! :) How's it going?

After my last post in June, I have been in hiatus once again. I guess you can say that my writing stint has taken a back seat at the moment. Not that I do not want to but it is because a lot of things have been piling up... work, our house renovation and more.

I guess I am more into that at the moment though I have not neglected my online presence...The only thing is, I am devoting it more to doing Paid to Click sites or also known as PTCs.

I think PTCs have been there for a long time already (probably 4 years already?). I once joined Clixsense thinking I could earn more dollars but it turns out -- it was pennies rather than a dollar! I decided to quit only to now join Neobux a few years later.

Neobux allows you to earn your first dollar in three months or so (I think). I have not been very active with this to be honest (I mean, how can my excitement build up when I earn $0.01 for every click! I have done the Math for it and I think it will take me three months or more to earn my first dollar!).

Though I decided not to give up on it because this is the first PTC site that I have seen that allows you to earn your first dollar and then the second dollar until it reaches 10 dollars - which will eventually be the minimum cash out in the future. Yes, I know it will take time but I thought of taking a chance for now since I am pretty much preoccupied with a few things and writing an article is something that I cannot do at the moment.

I still try to land a job in oDesk for transcribing or research.These tasks do not allow me to think that much. However, I still am not able to get any jobs. I think I need to take some tests to show them that I am fit to do the work.

Hmmm... Let me find time to do that... probably next week (again?!)...