Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still unsuccessful...

Still no luck in finding an online stint or maybe I am just not looking hard enough. 

I guess it can be because I am so engrossed with the games in my iPhone that I am not focusing on what I should be doing - looking for opportunities online. I am a member of various online writing organisations - Helium, Triond, oDesk, Elance and the list goes on. 

I have not got the chance to really sit down and go through each and every website - to look for possible opportunities for me. A friend once said that since I have a full-time job, the requirement for having an online presence is becoming a bit slim. One of the reasons she has highlighted is the fact that I need to focus on my bread and butter - my current job. 

She is right but at the same time, there is something inside me that is saying that I also need to build my portfolio. I cannot just rely on what I have written in the past or on my blogs because I cannot consider that as my latest works. 

I thought maintaining an online blog with my opinions and news features would be a plus (and I think it is) has not really materialised! 

I think all I need is a plan. I need to have something in place so that I don't end up feeling sorry for myself. I will try and see if I can feature something in this blog at least once a month - something like a magazine would do. Come up with stories that I can write about here. 

If you dropped by this blog and have seen this entry - feel free to write about an idea or maybe a topic that we should discuss (hmmm... I think I only have one follower! Hopefully, I can do something about that too!). 

That it for now! Ta!

*am now working on my next feature for this blog. Hopefully, before the month ends!*

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