Monday, December 26, 2011

Fake Phones

I just saw a news clip in one of the Arabianbusiness alerts that I receive that both Etisalat and Du will block services of people who uses fake phones (look here and here).

This (in my honest opinion) be good and bad for their business. I guess bad in the sense that people will find it difficult to make use of their super shiny fake phones and now have to buy the legit ones. For the telecommunication and mobile phone companies, this is good because they get to sell their products as per the price they wanted and the other bundle products that they have on offer.

To be honest, there is really no point in buying fake items. If you cannot afford to do straight payments, retail stores tied up with credit card companies and started offering customers with their installment plans. In this, you get to have the phone that you want in staggered payments that you can extend for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months if possible.

I mean what can cheap fake phones benefit the user? Aside from not knowing when will it bog down, there is no guarantee that you get the value of the money you have paid - this does not only apply to phones but for other items as well such as bags, watches and more.

I just don't understand people who sells fake items. I know this is good business especially for people who like to keep up with the Joneses but isn't this like misleading people too?

I hope the fake stuff be put into halt and small businesses with authentic items to promote will make it for next year.

Phones can be a good start to combat other fake items right? :)

Happy holidays!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Switched Off but not intentionally !

Hi again.... wow what a hiatus but this one is not my fault.

We have (again) just moved into another place and was not able to have internet for almost 2 weeks but before that I was not able to blog because we were busy looking for another place to live!

So, I am switching my thinking button and at the same time checking out possible online opportunities so that I can add up on my 'rainy days' savings!

I have not reached a $100 but this is my fault because I was so busy dealing with my emotions about other people that I neglect the other things - like my writing :(

Hopefully that ends now as I am in a different path and scheme!


Whilst looking for possible online opportunities, I just noticed that I keep seeing ads or job posts saying that they will pay writers for $1 / 500 words??! Seriously?! I think the dollar fits about 200 to 250 words max but for 500 words? Why?

I know a lot of people do this for a living and some of them need a starting ground (like me) but not for the dollar!

I think people who posts these kind of work should at least consider a few things like time and research. I mean, if you want a decent article, you also need to be realistic that people will be investing time and effort.

I guess just a bit frustrated in the sense that employers kind of overlooked the fact that people do this for a living since times are tough these days.

Rambling thoughts again... I guess this is also because of the fact that I just got out of being super duper sick to being moderately sick (and hungry too!). I am just waiting for hubby to come home so that we can eat dinner.

Oh! It still is the day - Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photos online...

If you would notice in this blog, some of my photos are missing. This is because instead of saving the photo itself, what I do is I just copy the link of the photo and paste it in the blog - to save space for the blog. 

Due to this, I guess, if some of the websites will put down the images so does the link or if they change the code of the link, it does not link it back to my blog. 

This is the reason why I sometimes do not post photos anymore because I do not like the hassle of re-linking the photo or sometimes trying to look for it (or worse, search for a substitute!). 

However, I also read last night about the ways to get your blog noticed and one of the things highlighted was to have more visual - meaning more photos. 

At time, people tend to see the aesthetics first before reading the content of the webpage or blog. I need to make my blog more appealing to my viewers and also so that I can gain more positive responses on my freelance working as well!

I had a Photobucket account which I used before but that seems to fail me as well (boo!)... I just saw the post from Sharon's website (Get Paid to Write) about working environments and saw that she was using Flickr. This made me think about my Photobucket account. 

Should I just switch to Flickr instead?
I am unsure if this will resolve the issue about posting photos in my blog(s) - yes, I have this dilemma on all of them!! Probably, I need to investigate more on what I should use and see if this actually fits my purpose of what do I need / want to do with the photos.


Maybe you have any ideas for me? :)


I have been a bit busy lately because I recently had the chance to work online :)

My client is very patient with me. We are currently starting off with 2 hours for the week (note: he just recently extended my services from 2 to 4 hours a week! Sweet!).

I am hoping that I can maximise my time doing the tasks.

Work at the office is a bit hectic too as we have just been awarded a few new projects. Because of this, we had to procure a few things that needs to be used by the project. Hopefully, we were able to fulfill their requirements *fingers crossed*

For now, I leave you with this flash mob at Dubai International Airport. :)


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Imagine That...

And I thought I was just blabbing without an audience but it turns out, I have some! :) 

Thanks to you all who have been reading my blog - intentionally or unintentionally.

This is now giving me the inspiration to write more and be more vocal about my adventures and misadventures of searching for online writing opportunities.

Of course aside from that, I will also include here pieces / articles that I will be writing related to certain issues that are worth discussing. Please feel free to put your comments in - you can agree or disagree. This is where a forum starts right?

I'm getting giddy and excited about this! :)

Thanks again readers! :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still unsuccessful...

Still no luck in finding an online stint or maybe I am just not looking hard enough. 

I guess it can be because I am so engrossed with the games in my iPhone that I am not focusing on what I should be doing - looking for opportunities online. I am a member of various online writing organisations - Helium, Triond, oDesk, Elance and the list goes on. 

I have not got the chance to really sit down and go through each and every website - to look for possible opportunities for me. A friend once said that since I have a full-time job, the requirement for having an online presence is becoming a bit slim. One of the reasons she has highlighted is the fact that I need to focus on my bread and butter - my current job. 

She is right but at the same time, there is something inside me that is saying that I also need to build my portfolio. I cannot just rely on what I have written in the past or on my blogs because I cannot consider that as my latest works. 

I thought maintaining an online blog with my opinions and news features would be a plus (and I think it is) has not really materialised! 

I think all I need is a plan. I need to have something in place so that I don't end up feeling sorry for myself. I will try and see if I can feature something in this blog at least once a month - something like a magazine would do. Come up with stories that I can write about here. 

If you dropped by this blog and have seen this entry - feel free to write about an idea or maybe a topic that we should discuss (hmmm... I think I only have one follower! Hopefully, I can do something about that too!). 

That it for now! Ta!

*am now working on my next feature for this blog. Hopefully, before the month ends!*

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Neglect... PTCs... and more

Hey everybody! :) How's it going?

After my last post in June, I have been in hiatus once again. I guess you can say that my writing stint has taken a back seat at the moment. Not that I do not want to but it is because a lot of things have been piling up... work, our house renovation and more.

I guess I am more into that at the moment though I have not neglected my online presence...The only thing is, I am devoting it more to doing Paid to Click sites or also known as PTCs.

I think PTCs have been there for a long time already (probably 4 years already?). I once joined Clixsense thinking I could earn more dollars but it turns out -- it was pennies rather than a dollar! I decided to quit only to now join Neobux a few years later.

Neobux allows you to earn your first dollar in three months or so (I think). I have not been very active with this to be honest (I mean, how can my excitement build up when I earn $0.01 for every click! I have done the Math for it and I think it will take me three months or more to earn my first dollar!).

Though I decided not to give up on it because this is the first PTC site that I have seen that allows you to earn your first dollar and then the second dollar until it reaches 10 dollars - which will eventually be the minimum cash out in the future. Yes, I know it will take time but I thought of taking a chance for now since I am pretty much preoccupied with a few things and writing an article is something that I cannot do at the moment.

I still try to land a job in oDesk for transcribing or research.These tasks do not allow me to think that much. However, I still am not able to get any jobs. I think I need to take some tests to show them that I am fit to do the work.

Hmmm... Let me find time to do that... probably next week (again?!)...


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Going mobile

I have been usin my iPhone for close to a year now and I can say that I have been attached to it a lot that I ended up using it more than my lappy (sorry!)

So finally I had the chance to stunble upon this cool app -- blog booster that allows me to blog from my phone! How cool is that?! Now I shoukd not have an excuse for not being able to blog more often!

Though I have to warn you right now that since I am using a touchscreen type of phone ( touchscreen phone users you know you are guilty with this as well), my grammar or spelling will be horrible. I know I should proofread before posting but I also know that when I get excited, I hit publish immediately! So pardon me for that!

Hopefully with this app in my phone, I can blog more and let out my thoughts!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Re-post: Dressing yourself up in GOLD

Girls and boys love accessorizing.

It could be a fancy cap, a necklace, a mobile phone or any item that can make you stand out of your group and be noticed.

Usually, our accessories can vary - it can be very high end (which can be for long term use) or a bargain (since fashion does change over the season and at times, just months, we just 'go with the flow').

As for me, I love jewelry (necklacesearrings and bracelets). I do have to admit that my knees go weak for G-O-L-D!! My husband and I would always pass by the jewelry shops in the mall to check if there's anything I might fancy or if they have new collections out.

We go to the shops so often that we have been friends with the shop attendants (hint: doing so, they can give you good! good! discounts being a 'regular').

While browsing through the internet, I saw these pictures that designers and people do to incorporate Gold in their things!

Vivienne Tam's Design for HP

Blackberry withGivodori Via Veneto

Sony Ericsson's Mocha Gold

Michelle Yeoh's design for Vertu

More pictures can be seen on this link.

Now isn't that something? =/

*images from
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Re-post: Real Women, Real Bodies

I have pulled this out from an old blog that I have maintained. I have written this piece September 2009

How comfortable are you about your body?

I know I'm not --- but I try (",)
Toni Maticevski: New York Fashion Week Fall 2007Image by Art Comments via Flickr


I guess it's because of those size-zero models who sashay along the runaway, showing off their neck and rib bones, slipping into those uber beautiful dresses which makes you think how can a dress like that fit an 'average girl' like me?

However I stumbled into this article while browsing through Facebook:

and saw her picture:-

Lizzie Miller

The model's name is Lizzie Miller. According to the article, Lizzie was considered big that she cannot even model plus-size lines! Imagine that!

This photo made me realise that we all have the same problem... love handles, big thighs, flabby tummy, stretch marks and the list can go on... but like what they say, 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'.

Hope to see more of this!!!

Do you want to read the article? click here!

*photos courtesy of Flickr and Dailymail

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Odesk: Helping companies get their work done and freelancers be paid for a job well done!

The internet has been one of the major and successful invention by mankind. It has served its purpose and more. The internet was initially used for research until it has now evolved into this social communication tool that allows you to connect with your friends and loved ones all over the world, be informed about the current situation of countries that are a thousand miles away from where you are and a lot more. 

The internet has also been a means of creating income for people by freelancing over the web or by monetizing on their blogs. 

Odesk was founded in 2003 by Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis. 






Look and Feel

Being a part of Odesk myself, the user interface of the website is very straightforward. It tells you the notifications or messages you receive from potential employers or from Odesk itself. It also shows you the pending transactions you might have, the teams you are in if you are currently doing a project.

It is easy to browse through the available projects as it is sorted depending on the categories they fall in.

If you feel like you are missing out on something in Odesk, you can always go on the right hand side of the page where they offer assistance in case you have questions about the website, the terms of payment, the work diary, etc.


Protection for Jobseekers

It is a mandate for all freelancing websites to make sure that their contractors are legit and will pay the jobseekers proper compensation. Of course, this is sometimes being waived when the applicant agrees to the 'one-time payment' clause which prompts jobseekers when the project is not on an hourly basis.

Apart from this clause, Odesk (I believe) investigates the validity of the project by setting criterias on considering projects to be posted on their website. Even if you have already submitted your bid on the project, they send notifications that the project is cancelled because it did not meet Odesk's requirements (Internet Police huh!).

Over-all, Odesk continues to be a tool bridging contractors and online freelancers.  


images courtesy of:-

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Change is good

I have just seen the latest news flash about President Mubarak stepping down and handing over his duties to the military. 

After almost 20 days of protests, the Egyptians have gotten what they wanted - for their President to step down. As I read through the tweets in Twitter, you can sense the jubilation for Egyptians and other nationalities that the unrest is now over. The people were heard (finally) and the country now faces a new chapter, a new beginning. 

We all like new beginnings, a fresh start which is why I guess we always look forward for the New Year because it gives us a clean slate.

Now that the people of Egypt have proven that they can be united for one purpose, I hope they also use the same 'urge' to rebuild their country. In an economist's point of view, the country has lost a lot in terms of its financial standing however this can work on their advantage or disadvantage - it depends on how foreign and local investors would see how things will go in the coming days.  

I am positive that Egypt can rise up and be one as a nation - they were able to join forces regardless of background, financial standing, etc what more in re-building their nation?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Updates! Updates! Updates!

A lot has happen when the year was about to end and when it started!

First off, we have moved houses which is why I was not able to dish out or post about anything for the past few weeks... Come to think of it, this is something new because for the first time, it's not my fault! (Aha!)

We just had the internet connection hooked up and is actually still on the trial phase because unfortunately, there would still be days when the connection would be very slow (I was told we have an 8 mpbs connection -- so why is it still slow???) ... though there would times that it will be very fast (very weird actually).

Second, people in Dubai or you can say the whole of UAE are still in a gloomy mood. Though reports were made that the country has already shrugged off the dust made by the previous recession, there are still a lot of work to be done which could mean companies going for mergers to save themselves or the worst part? closing down the business completely.

This is very sad because a lot of people have not seen this coming hence they were not able to save anything for the rainy days... a lot of people have either fled the country looking for work opportunities in another country or they stay with a 50% cut back from their previous salary.

Third, I could not believe when I say this photo and article about Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Well, I didn't know that Ryan and Scarjo have seperated ways?! I am not sure why I did not picked that up... (was I busy shopping for post-Christmas gift presents that's why I did not know about this?!).

According to this article, after two years of being together, Scarjo have decided to end their marriage. I am not sure if Ryan agreed to this set up but it seems he went to Sandra (his co-star in the Proposal) for some moral support.

Ryan and Sandra (photo taken from wonderwall

Eventually the moral support became something else... or could it be just the reporters trying to sensationalise a beautiful friendship? 

Well, I do hope that Ryan gets to heal his wounds by himself and not by dating another woman! 

That's it for now!!