Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Re-post: Dressing yourself up in GOLD

Girls and boys love accessorizing.

It could be a fancy cap, a necklace, a mobile phone or any item that can make you stand out of your group and be noticed.

Usually, our accessories can vary - it can be very high end (which can be for long term use) or a bargain (since fashion does change over the season and at times, just months, we just 'go with the flow').

As for me, I love jewelry (necklacesearrings and bracelets). I do have to admit that my knees go weak for G-O-L-D!! My husband and I would always pass by the jewelry shops in the mall to check if there's anything I might fancy or if they have new collections out.

We go to the shops so often that we have been friends with the shop attendants (hint: doing so, they can give you good! good! discounts being a 'regular').

While browsing through the internet, I saw these pictures that designers and people do to incorporate Gold in their things!

Vivienne Tam's Design for HP

Blackberry withGivodori Via Veneto

Sony Ericsson's Mocha Gold

Michelle Yeoh's design for Vertu

More pictures can be seen on this link.

Now isn't that something? =/

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