Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in the UAE

This is my 6th year of spending Christmas in the UAE.

I always have this vision in my head that spending Christmas back home will definitely make me feel homesick and I will eventually find it hard to bring myself back here in the UAE to work. So to avoid that feeling, I always end up deciding not to go home.

It is not so bad really.

I mean, the malls now have Christmas trees, Santa Claus (even the elves!) and the whole shebang. I guess this is a way to thank the expatriates who have made their country where it is now. A nice gesture indeed... I am not sure if they were the first Gulf country to do it but to welcome other people's beliefs and traditions (especially) can be a big step.

The government and the leaders in this country are trying to make the tourists including the expatriates feel 'at home'. Indeed, for some (like me), the UAE has become our second home - a country hopeful that big things come in small packages :)

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

What the NBI can learn from watching CSI TV Shows

This week have been mixed emotions for the people in the Philippines who have supported either the Webbs or the Vizcondes. 

Last Tuesday, Hubert Webb and 6 others were acquitted for the murder of the Vizconde family. I first saw the breaking news in my Twitter account and had to stop for a while. The news actually brought chills in me. 

This murder trial has caused a lot of anguish to all the parties involved. 

Hubert Webb, Antonio “Tony Boy” Lejano, Michael Gatchalian, Miguel Rodriguez, Peter Estrada and Pyke Fernandez were robbed of the chance to chase their dreams. They were just starting to get to know the real world when they have been convicted. 

The families of the accused, most especially the parents, were shattered because instead of seeing their sons climb the corporate ladder or serve the people, they have to endure the visiting hours in prison so they can get a glimpse of them, talk to them and hold them. 

For Mr. Lauro Vizconde who lost his chance to see his daughters earn their degree, get married and have kids. To hold his wife for the longest time and spend the rest of their lives together. 

With the latest development on the case, the accused were freed. Tears were exchanged - some because of bitterness on the way things have turned out and for others, joy because for the first time in 10 years, they will get to spend Christmas and New Year with their family member. 


I feel sorry for Mr. Vizconde because probably as he was picking up the pieces again in his life with the support of his extended family and then someone suddenly breaks the pieced mirror when he learned that the accused are now free men and him? Still without a family. 


According to reports, since the evidence is already tampered and the star witness has gone hiding, chances on retrieving information that could lead to the real killers will be futile. I really hope that the NBI tries to at least get some ideas on how the CSI tv shows do their crime lab investigation. True enough, we do not have the equipment because probably, we do not have the budget but that is no excuse. We should at least try and be at par with investigative equipment that can aid us in solving a crime. 

In Philstar's news report, Vizconde suspects can still be charged in 6 months however once the case reached its 20th year, reopening of the case cannot be done as per the law.  


For Hubert and the rest of the 6 acquitted, I hope that they will be able to return to their normal life or at least adapt to our fast-paced world. 

A lot of things have changed. 

Internet was not a popular commodity during that time and so is the iPad and the rest of the Apple family. 


Saturday, December 11, 2010

I just cannot believe!

How busy I was?

I have not updated my blog for the longest time! Imagine about two holidays have already passed and I still have the Eid Mubarak post as my welcome blog! Eeekkk!!

A lot of things have happened over the past few months.

  • The Blackberry RIM service was not suspended which was a relief to all BB users
  • The iPhone 4 was a hit when it was launched with Etisalat and Du going gaga over the sales (which eventually led to the acceptable price of the gadget... hint: some retailers would really go out of their way to mark the price up for almost 100%)
  • Seeing that the Blackberry is still in demand through the young and old alike, Etisalat has made a special offer for their BB-wannabes. More selling happened. 
  • Eid Al Adha was a hit. A lot of people were so happy that it fell on a weekend. 
  • Because of the much-needed break provided during Eid Al Adha, people forgot that there was still another reason to celebrate - Islamic New Year. Another nice long weekend happening here in the UAE though not everybody was given the opportunity to do so but a break is always welcomed.
On other news...

  • The Philippines have been busy pestering the President with his love life that he is now love-less (Thanks to the Press)
  • James Yap and Kris Aquino are now friends
  • The Morong 43 are now freed (as per the president but then again, the judge handling the case has the final say)
  • Wikileaks founder is now in Europe waiting... because they do not know what to charge him but as per the latest update there was a sexual case against the Wikileaks founder
  • The unexpected engagement between Kate Middleton and Prince William
  • More news about what Kate will wear on the wedding

I don't think I have covered it all but I am pretty sure I was able to highlight the important stuff that has happened over the past months (I still cannot believe I have not blogged - what happen to me?!)


Friday, September 10, 2010

Eid Mubarak to you all!!


Writing can be hard sometimes most especially when you need to focus on what you need to write. I mean I’m pretty sure writers / novelists and the like do have these moments when they know what they need / can write but gets distracted.

Here are just some of the Top 3 distractions:-

1)   Facebook
This social network site has been around for more than four years and I have a feeling that i
t is here to stay. Previously, it was just a website where people can comment on each other’s status, give each other gifts (either a care bear hug or a starbucks coffee) and post quotable quotes from famous movies or television series (e.g. Sex and the City, Friends, etc). Now, this site has transformed the idea of social networking. It has incorporated games so that friends can now interact via their kitchens, farms, etc.  

This is icon for social networking website. Th...Image via Wikipedia

It has gone a long way and is most important objective is for people not to leave the site and kind of use it day and night!

2)   Twitter
Another social network site that makes you stay in front the computer all day and night. As you read statuses from people you follow – it can be your friends, movie stars, love gurus, etc. A never ending banter of words can take place in this site which can also lead to interaction with other people whom you can consider to be your new friends – virtually.

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase

3)   Games
Aside from the games you play in the social networking sites, you, at times, engage into either a downloaded game or an online game. These types of games can be addictive and will definitely consume most of your time, if taken lightly.

There you have it my friends, the distractions that can break you from writing a paragraph or even a sentence. I guess, the solution (in case you want to work without distractions) is to pull the plug of your internet connection. Try collecting all your thoughts and have a draft in place. Knowing us writers, we always need to do a little research on the piece that we are writing about. By doing this, you will be one step away from completing your article.

Tapping a PencilImage by Rennett Stowe via Flickr
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blackberry -- The Comeback

I guess, October 11 will be considered the 'Death of Blackberry Messaging or commonly known as BBM' or maybe not. 

A lot of people were worried about what will happen after October 11. Some had to vent their anger and post frustrated statuses on their Facebook and Twitter, the popular social networking sites to date. 

According to Yahoo's Maktoob Business, UAE ambassadors had a positive meeting with Research in Motion (RIM) team. 

Maktoob Business

Prior to this news, the team has allowed Saudi Arabia to monitor the activity of BBM users in the country. 

I guess with a further meeting to take place, RIM team and UAE's ambassadors will come up with the best solution on how to tackle this problem. Being the Gulf's largest mobile phone user, I am sure that RIM team and Blackberry will not allow to lose this country on their top-ranking users. 

This is a relief that we, as humans, still have a right to dictate when we think technology is dominating our lives. A few years back, no one was THAT glued to the internet to check daily feeds about their friend's whereabouts or feed their virtual pets or playing video games for that matter.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Blackberry being suspended due to security threat

It caused a lot of boos in the mobile world - most especially to those people who are so attached to their Blackberry phones that the UAE is officially banning the BBM or Blackberry Messenger from operating in the UAE. 

After the declaration, a few countries followed the lead - Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and India to name a few. 

click on this link to read more about this article

In our office, we do have a few BBM fanatics and were sad. They have used BBM to keep in touch with friends who are also users of the ever-popular Blackberry phones. As I am now part of the tech department in our office, speculations were made about why they are banning the service. 

Mentions of national security being threatened, BB users exchanging information that could and potentially harm a country (hence the national security threat), a person (not being able to follow a lead in case a murder / rape was planned via BBM) or culture (the Y generation having more freedom in expressing their thoughts without their relatives having a chance to intervene). 

Though the national security part is the most important issue at the moment because the only keeper of the BBM encryption can be found in the United States. 

I think control is important in order for each one of us to function accordingly. Let's use our companies as an example. In our companies, we have a set of rules and regulations to follow.We need to have these set of rules so that people are aware of the boundaries. Not doing this at all will cause chaos. 

This is also one of the main reasons we have rulers / presidents in each of our countries where they implement laws and decrees for people to follow. 

I guess this goes the same with BB phones. 

I believe that this will be resolved soon - depending on how the BB manufacturers will cooperate with the country's demands.  

For now, we can only wait and see. 

*Image courtesy of Yahoo! Maktoob Business (clicking on the link can also give you a history of news regarding the BBB (Blackberry Ban)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

You got a Friend

When the going gets tough and you feel like you want to give up, a friend or friends will always be there to lend a hand.

Help can come in many ways and forms - a pat on the back, a hug of sympathy, a kiss of confidence and a touch that let's you feel that everything is going to be alright.

It was reported a month back that Dick Israel, one of the most sought after villains in Philippine cinema, had a  stroke while doing a TV series.

Dick Israel 
The family had to use their savings to ensure that the head of the family gets the best care however due to expensive treatments and chemotherapy, the savings the family once had were all gone. Dick's wife had to seek assistance from his fellow movie actors and maybe from fans via a radio station.

Friends / Acquaintances Unite!
One of the listeners of that radio program was Richard Merk, actor / singer / restaurateur. From previous reports, Merk's bar is always used a platform to help out fellow actors and musicians. Fund raising and charity functions are being held here to show support to their colleagues.

I have always admired Richard Merk in allowing this to happen and I guess that is also one of the main reasons why his bar is still being packed with people - all days of the week.

Merk's Bar Bistro Webpage 

Having a Good Time
The benefit has turned out to be a reunion for some of the artists while others enjoyed the music played. For the benefit done for Dick Israel, it was a night full of Eagles and Eric Clapton's songs - Dick's all-time favorite.

With this kind of ensemble and help from your friends, would you still think you are all alone in dealing with your problem?

I hope not.

**Read this article from

Saturday, July 24, 2010



is a favorite topic by ladies and well.... not so much by men. 

With this in the conversation, women, friends or not, can unite and talk about how theirs went and how they want their children (or sometimes) and grandchildren should have their weddings done. 

When I got married, there was no major fuss. First because my marriage was only in a judge's office and second, I just wanted my family to be there and share the moment with us. 

I guess time has changed differently now as a lot of brides and grooms-to-be want to have a last hurrah before they actually tie the knot.

According to this news article from Maktoob Business, a lot of hen and stag parties are being held in Las Vegas, Mexico and the Bahamas. Though some opt to do it where they plan to have their wedding - so if it's a beach wedding, the couples including their entourage hops into one airplane and when they reach the land of promise, they go their separate ways and party like there's no tomorrow. 

I guess this is a good idea so that you do not end up like the movie, The Hangover, where the bachelor's friends lost their groom-to-be that they tried to look for him all over Las Vegas. 

Another convenience about this type of trip is that the wedding planners of the event do not have to worry about bringing / monitoring the bride and groom together because they will all just be in one area. 

I guess this is another way for the travel coordinators, wedding planners and hotelier's scheme of having business in their sleeves which is a good thing - that they can still come up with good sales pitches for their customers despite and in spite of the recession period.  

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Heat is ON!

Summer is now here in Dubai... and did Summer make a very fine entrance!

It has been hot!hot! for the past few days. People here try to strategize how they will beat the heat when they are walking, cooking or even at times, when they laze in their house. 

Summer usually lasts for two months - July & August. 

Emails have been sent all throughout the region that the days will definitely get hotter. I am not sure if that's even true because they send these type of scam emails... usually this time of the year. 

I guess we just have to wait and see. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Forbes' 15 Richest Royals

If you were given one billion dollars to spend what would you do with it?

Probably, I will buy a three-bedroom house complete with backyard and swimming pool. After that, I will buy my husband a car or maybe a van whatever he likes which we can use for the food / internet cafe business that we will be putting up.

The rest will be saved in the bank or will be invested in stock bonds or another business venture but I want to make sure that we keep enough money for the family - for the kid's education.

How do you think these royals spend their money? Forbes has recently named 15 of the richest royals in the whole world.

Starting it off with Thailand's King Bhuminol Adulyadej

Abu Dhabi's ruler came fourth and Sheikh Mohammed came sixth.

It seems like even with the recession happening all over the world, these royals still have enough billions in their sleeves. 

I sometimes wish I'm just like them but when I think about the riches that I have - not the material ones. It makes me smile and think that I will not trade that for anything in the world. 

**to see the full list of richest royals here>

Sunday, May 16, 2010

and I have changed it again...

I know... for the nth time... I have changed the layout and design of my blog.

I just can't help it... I keep tweaking this blog because I want my readers (if I do have any) to see that this is indeed a 'live' blog and not just 'one of those'.

Another thing is tweaking the design / layout of my blogs give me the inspiration to write more. :)

I hope that you will continue to pray for the Philippines. The counting of the ballots is not yet completed for the presidential and the VP race. Comelec has already announced the first 7 senators last week. As mentioned by Inquirer, one of the leading newspapers in the Philippines, most of the winners were re-electionists and returnees. I just hope that these senators will not waste their time in office. I really and truly hope that they will be able to do something about the humongous debt that the Philippines have incurred through the years.

I hope.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vote Wisely

In just a few days, our country may experience change or we can just carry on with what we have. Even if I have not seen how the campaign was done I knew how they would conduct it. 

I was not wrong. 

Black propagandas were in the news about a presidentiable having a mental illness, the other has amassed a lot of money on the government projects he has proposed, so on and so forth. 

I am not sure if the Philippines has experienced a good leader. Someone who thinks about the people and not calculate the money he will gain when he sits as president for four years. Someone who will boost the country's economy. Someone who will attract its own people to move back to their home country and start their life there (From what I read in the papers, a lot of Filipinos are now trying their luck in other countries, fresh graduates only look for work that will take them to countries where they can live a decent life). Someone who will demand quality education from public schools so that private schools will have some competition. 

As always, the people have their own presidentiable to support. I am not sure if the reason they are rooting for that candidate because he can initiate change. I hope that's their reason and it's not because the candidate have promised them money after the elections.

Think about your children's future. 

Vote wisely. 

Friday, April 30, 2010

Apple iPad - is it for you?

I have always drooled about having an item from Apple's wide array of gadgets that you can choose from.

When my cousin got me an iPod Nano. I was over the moon!

iPod Nano Red. Special Edition. Author: o_more...Image via Wikipedia

I immediately took it out of the box and started tinkering with it. I was so fascinated with my iPod that I have stored it with lots and lots of songs, played with the 'name that song' game, checked the calendar and the other features that came along with it.
When I came here in Dubai, again my fascination to own a Macbook got revived that I even begged a friend to sell his 10-year old Macbook Pro to me so that I can have a 'see and feel' kind of thing.
I was there when the same friend who owns the Macbook got his iMac delivered to his home. I watch in amazement how this product dominated the US and is now slowly dominating the UAE.
After seeing the computers, I moved my fascination to the Apple iPhone. Imagine having almost everything that you need in one device - music, documents, emails, contacts and more! It was like bringing everything with you.
Just recently, Steve Jobs, CEO for Apple launched another equipment for Mac Addicts and Mac Addict-wannabe to rush and buy - the Apple iPad.
photo courtesy of
I have seen it in the news... and to be honest, I was not that impressed. I guess it is Apple's answer to most of the computer companies who manufactured and design, a touchscreen device.
It did not appeal to me because 1) It does not have any use to me at the moment and 2) It looks like a big and I mean BIG iPhone prototype.
I was browsing the news for more information about this device and I saw one comment made by a 'Mac Addict'. He has mentioned that he can use the iPad to sketch his drawings and save them.

Apple's Answer to Amazon's Kindle?
The Kindle has been a big hit everywhere as not only are we saving Mother Earth by not printing books but it has also been handy for bookworms / newspaper readers to have all of what they want to read in one device. Oprah has been gushing about it in her show about how she love! love! Kindle.
However in Apple Insider, Oprah has I guess, found another love - Apple's iPad. With the iBookstore's launch, the iPad is now even more in demand! Imagine taking your lightweight computer with you to read books and then when you get tired of reading, you can play games.
Like what they say, big things comes in small packages :p
With where our technology is going, I think the iPad will probably go a long way... It's just not for me at the moment. I have not convinced myself that I want to use the touchscreen for typing my emails or doing my blogs. I still prefer the old-fashioned clackety-clack sound of a keyboard. 
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ukay-ukay vs. Online Auction

I was just watching one of the entertainment shows in the Philippines online when I saw one of their segments wherein KC Concepcion, National Ambassador Against Hunger, opened an online auction for her stuff which she labelled ' KC's Closet'.

In the interview, she said that all the stuff that is being auction are literally from her closet.

Now is this different from an ukay-ukay?

For the regular people, we would go to ukay-ukay stores and haggle (instead of bidding) the price from our suking tindera (sales person). People who are in a budget or just want to buy but cannot afford the designer items in stores now, will be there.

The main objective of people selling their clothes are:-

  • They have too much in their closet already 
  • They want to buy new clothes
  • It does not fit anymore
  • It was part of a past they don't want to remember 
  • They were forced to do so by their family because their things are eating up space in the entire house

During the old days, we usually just give our old clothes to our extended family, relatives, church, charity, etc. There was no price attached to it. We give it away because we know that it will either help them or well we just give it away for the same reasons mentioned above! :P

Now, someone must have seen this as a business opportunity because, at time, people are willing to pay any amount just to get 'that' thing - like when a comic fanatic sees a limited edition copy of Superman or Spiderman - they need to get their hands on a copy. No matter what the cost is.

Ukay - ukay or online auction - give it a try. It will surely leave a good feeling since you are selling items for a cause and besides being a celebrity has its perks. One way or the other, a fan would want to own 'something' her favorite movie star once have.

Happy Shopping! :)

To Strategically Get Myself OUT There

I think I have been writing this blog for a year now and I just noticed that my readers / fan base has not increased - I think it has not moved at all :(

True enough, I have not been promoting this blog as I should. Why? Hmm... I think it's more on the fact that I do not consistently write :(

I might need to start reading e-books, hardbound books and more articles about promoting myself and my writing as well.

Inline with that, I should also include in my goal / to-do list the fact that I need to write a post twice in a week... and make it personal.

While reading through my blog posts, some were personal and some were stiff. I think the posts with personal experiences or where I inject something about myself, that's the time I get people to react or comment about the post.

I guess, at times, I end up like a newspaper (and I have to say the newspaper is more interesting than my posts).

I need to learn more about reaching to people and make them read accounts that will either make them nod or shake their heads (because the post was crazy) or shrug their shoulders because they do not have anything to say.

Maybe I should not waste my time making my blog look attractive to the viewers... that can come later. My readers should be treated with respect because they would like to read more about content rather than appearance.

I should focus more on interesting topics and not post about things just because this blog needs 'some' content.

I know... so let's get it on! :-)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dubai’s foot-sucking fish spa launched at Wild Wadi - Travel & Hospitality -

Dubai’s foot-sucking fish spa launched at Wild Wadi - Travel & Hospitality -

Now what do you think about this?

An added attraction (I guess) for Wild Wadi as it's competition, Atlantis Water Park is gaining more attention to the tourists of Dubai and its residences as well.

It may be a first in Dubai but this kind of attraction is already visible in other countries like Turkey and Singapore.

The price is for Dhs. 55 for adults and Dhs. 40 for kids. I guess for the experience people might want to try this like the viewing deck of the Burj... but I am not sure if this going to hold up that long.

We will see how this goes :D

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paying our respects to the Royal Family

Breaking news reports were released in all the newspapers and news agencies as well regarding the update about Sheikh Ahmed Bin Zayed.

The body was already found in Morocco.

A three-day mourning was declared by the UAE President.

*source from

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day

When I was still in school, aside from the Junior-Senior Prom and the Foundation Day (your school's anniversary), the most awaited celebration is Valentine's Day.

During this time, friends who want to be 'more than friends' try to express it by having a bunch of flowers delivered to classrooms, poems are written, restaurants are jampacked for couples who believe that the Heart's Day is worth celebrating.

Aside from that, other couples would wear matching 'red' shirts either to signify that they are a couple or just because they want people to know they are very much in love with one another.

Nevertheless, restaurants, flower shops, candy stores, etc take advantage of this occassion... I think this includes the movie production outfits as well.

A feel good movie is a perfect way to either start that 'fire' (in expressing your love for one another) or to end the night (which can be sealed with a kiss).

Enter Valentine's Day - the movie which has an all-star cast led by Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner,Jessica Alba and more.

Seeing the preview of this film, I thought this is actually the same as 'Love Actually' but I can be wrong. I have not seen the entire movie trailer though I feel that this will definitely one of those movies that you might watch this Valentine's Day (warning for the guys .... suggestion for the girls).

**Image from Timeout Dubai

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I heart Kindle

Amazon Kindle e-book reader being held by my g...Image via Wikipedia

I was just browsing through the internet when I saw the Kindle DX.

(Click the link above as it gives you more information about the Kindle DX)

I fell in love.

I have seen Oprah promote Kindle in her show. The device is really amazing! I know it will never replace the smell of paperback but with it being slim and portable, who would not want to have one?

The price is around $400++ (not including shipping)... it kind of made me think but the Kindle has 3.33GB storage so you can read not only your books but also if you have any document that require your undivided attention while you wait for your husband or kids from school.

Another 'add-in' is the fact that the Kindle can read to you. So imagine, driving yourself to a meeting but you did not get the time to read through the material... if it's in a .pdf format, put in your Kindle and let it read the notes you have prepared for the meeting - viola! ;-)

I want to add this in my wish list for 2010. I hope my secret Santa can read this and give the Kindle to me as an early Christmas present!
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Thursday, February 4, 2010


While browsing my emails, I saw this news alert from Maktoob Business:-


In a nutshell, the article talks about the role being played by the expatriates in the country and how it has greatly affected the working condition for the locals.

If you think about it, in every country, there are expatriates and at times, if the rules & regulations of the country allows it, people from other country can be known as an immigrants or retirees. 

I think, that is a fact of life. All of us wants to have a decent life - in a country where we can do what we want, earn what we think is right for us and live the way we want to as long as we adhere to the country's laws.

I don't think the expat workers poses a threat to the locals - though if they do, the people should see it as a healthy competition. An expatriate was hired by the company because he  / she has a certain skill set that will be beneficial to the company. If the said position was also available to a local, bearing the same skill set, the company have to deliberate who should be hired - that is healthy competition.

Expatriates are visible in most of the countries because there is work being offered to them - with a decent salary which can support the family they have left behind or the family that they have brought with them.

Taking steps
The UAE government has already started implementing boundaries on which industry can an expatriate work , including defining the salary package, accommodation, etc. The government has even open doors for the younger generation to see the importance of work.

The decision is left with the labour force - are they willing to spend their time working or would they rather be somewhere else?
Carpenter at work on Douglas Dam, Tennessee (T...Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

Expatriates are hired because they are determined to earn every centavo to survive and provide. 

Making that bold move
The younger generation should be encouraged to work. The families should be able to allow their children to work - having a strong local labour force would be able to help the country's economy.

They need to make that bold move so that the country will also move forward.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Editorial: Yes, it's about jobs: Now get to work - The News-Herald Opinion : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

Editorial: Yes, it's about jobs: Now get to work - The News-Herald Opinion : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

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I like this post because I'm hoping it will send the right signal to those people elected by the people.

In this crisis, we should all stop pointing fingers on who's to blame instead we should all try and see how things can be different.

Lawmakers should be able to pass bills that can benefit people who have lost their jobs - either local or abroad. There is no question that we need to work - so we can provide the needs of our family.

I feel sad for the OFWs who have returned home after being made redundant by their companies. There was not even a hint that it will be their turn but it happened. It was a bit difficult at first but they are now trying to end their misery and look for another opportunity - that's the spirit!

We should never lose hope because at times, it's the only one that keeps us going.

I just wish that Mr. Obama's speech can move the lawmakers of other countries as well to think about their constituents who have put them to power...who have seen them as someone they can count on to when the going gets tough.

I hope they start thinking about it.
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Burj Dubai = Burj Khalifa

Dubai has just finished unveiling the height of the Burj Dubai which is now known as Burj Khalifa (why the sudden change of name - we still do not know). The tallest skyscraper stands at 828m.

The unveiling of this building was coincided with the commemoration of Sheikh Mohammed's ascension as Vice-President of Dubai.

I have watched the whole telecast and my oh my! Even on the television screen, the fireworks were spectacular! Another 'add-on' to the opening of Burj Khalifa was the dancing fountain.

According to the report made by Dubai One's reporter, it is a first for the fountain industry to incorporate coloured lights.

I can conclude that there are a lot of 'firsts' for this building.

I hope that with Burj Khalifa fully operational, Dubai will also be able to bring back the emirate's glory.

*image from