Saturday, July 24, 2010



is a favorite topic by ladies and well.... not so much by men. 

With this in the conversation, women, friends or not, can unite and talk about how theirs went and how they want their children (or sometimes) and grandchildren should have their weddings done. 

When I got married, there was no major fuss. First because my marriage was only in a judge's office and second, I just wanted my family to be there and share the moment with us. 

I guess time has changed differently now as a lot of brides and grooms-to-be want to have a last hurrah before they actually tie the knot.

According to this news article from Maktoob Business, a lot of hen and stag parties are being held in Las Vegas, Mexico and the Bahamas. Though some opt to do it where they plan to have their wedding - so if it's a beach wedding, the couples including their entourage hops into one airplane and when they reach the land of promise, they go their separate ways and party like there's no tomorrow. 

I guess this is a good idea so that you do not end up like the movie, The Hangover, where the bachelor's friends lost their groom-to-be that they tried to look for him all over Las Vegas. 

Another convenience about this type of trip is that the wedding planners of the event do not have to worry about bringing / monitoring the bride and groom together because they will all just be in one area. 

I guess this is another way for the travel coordinators, wedding planners and hotelier's scheme of having business in their sleeves which is a good thing - that they can still come up with good sales pitches for their customers despite and in spite of the recession period.  

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