Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Celebrity Buildings

How would you feel if it was Brad Pitt who designed your room? Or that you are residing to an apartment wherein the facilities are similar to what Tiger Woods have in his pad?

The real estate companies here in Dubai are trying to come up with bright ideas on how they can attract buyers to purchase freehold properties.

On 4 December 2007, ACI Properties launched the Niki Lauda Twin Towers followed by Michael Schumacher's Business Avenue and Boris Becker's towers.

These great sportsman have lent their names for these buildings so that the residents can feel the prestige.

Joining the bandwagon is Hollywood actor, Antonio Banderas. According to Arabianbusiness.com, Bandera's plans to put tie up with Hydra Properties, one of the developers in Dubai to construct what will provisionally be called 'Banderas Ranches'.

According to the news report, this property's main concept is about luxury residences in Spanish ranch style.

Negotiations are still ongoing as of press time though Banderas and his wife, Hollywood actress, Melanie Griffith is very happy to be part of the Dubai's development.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


The Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in Dubai is going to open its doors to the public on 30 Oct 2008.

Initially, the mall was meant to open August of this year but then unexpected delays had happened which was why the grand opening was pushed back.

In a news report at Emirates News, Emaar Properties stated that they would rather ensure that the quality of the mall is not compromised.

Dubai Mall, a part of the Burj Development where the tallest tower, Burj Dubai is being constructed. The Burj Development has already opened a few of its hotels like The Address, The Palace and Qamardeen Hotel to name a few.

The souks in the hotels had opened to the public a few months ago and has been the 'IT' place to the people living in Dubai.

Giving Back to Charity
According to ArabianBusiness.com's website, Dubai Mall representatives are now looking for non-working female residents who would want to volunteer as an 'ambassador' to the shoppers.

The female volunteers should have a passion for shopping and interacting with people. Each volunteer is expected to contribute four hours each week with a minimum of three shifts.

The wages of these 'ambassadors' will be given to a charity.

This is an initiative set by Emaar to assist their customers in finding their way to this 5.9 million sq. ft.

Interested applicants can go to Dubai Mall's website (www.thedubaimall.com) to complete the application form or for further queries, call The Dubai Mall at +9714-362 7500.

Now isn't this a good way to give back? and you're having fun :)

photos courtesy of www.thedubaimall.com

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Indecent Acts = Jail?

The United Arab Emirates has been a favorite tourist spot of almost everybody! Europeans, Asians, Africans and the list goes on.

Aside from attracting tourists, the UAE also has a lot of job opportunities awaiting people who are currently affected by the recession.

Due to this increase in expatriates in the country, the rules and traditions of the country has been forgotten.

A recent 'indecent' act by two Europeans who were caught by police officials down at Jumeirah, caused UAE's officials to implement their laws as firm as they can.

The Dubai Police have been doubling their shifts to ensure that their country is not being violated by expatriates or tourists.

According to Dubai government statistics, out of 2.97 million beach visitors last year, 641 people were caught engaging in indecent acts (source: Al Arabiya Website).

I commend the government for doing this. People should also realise that there are some things that should and I reiterate should be done in the privacy of their homes or hotels.

The thrill... the excitement.. that's some of the reasons do it in places where they know they can get caught but that is not a valid excuse... not at all.

I hope tourists and expatriates in the country should be conscious of their acts to show respect to the country's traditions.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Women Buses - Hoorah!

Finally, finally, the government of Dubai has found a solution to the long (I mean very looong queues) queues at the bus stops (read it here).

Whenever I stand on the bus stop under the heat of the sun, I always remember my home country. Yes, we may be experiencing a lot of economic issues but our men would still give up their seats to us, women.

The men here would deliberately ignore the women standing up!!

The most horrible thing is the bus drivers themselves would stop women from getting on the bus because the 'For Ladies' section is full!

So you can just picture it... most of the stranded passengers are women.

I would see women, tired from work, begging bus drivers to let them inside the bus just so they can go home and sleep.

I hope the move from Dubai government to introduce women-only buses would really happen.

** Image from http://bonnvoyage.wordpress.com**

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oil Price Increase

Due to the recession, everything and I mean everything has gone up! :(

Along with this is the fuel surcharge of the aircrafts. With this, it adds up another factor for expatriates like us to think twice of going for our yearly vacation.

My husband and I booked his ticket through Etihad Airways because the price of the ticket is more affordable than its competitor.

Though the ticket says Abu Dhabi to Manila, Etihad made sure that their Dubai passengers will not have a hard time by introducing the 'road trip'.

Unfortunately, my husband has to go on his own because I would have documented the whole trip so that I can rate it for future users.

Oh well, there's always a next time for that. ;)

Monday, July 14, 2008


Due to reckless driving, three Filipinas died.

I do not understand why motorists cannot drive slower. They would rather feel the need for speed rather than save a life. Why?

Let's all pray for their souls.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hot! Hot! HOT!

It has been too and I mean too hot in here!

Humidity combined with the scorching heat of the sun makes it unbearable to walk on the streets - any time of the day!

As per the news report in Dubai One, humidity and heat will continue to occur here in Dubai for the next coming days (oohhh nooo!).

Residents do not forget to put a bit of sunscreen before going out to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It's a little act that can save you from having skin cancer.

Now where did I put my sunblock?!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Midday Break

Photo courtesy of the National

(United Arab Emirates)
Seeing the benefit of the 12:30-3PM break to the labourers, The Ministry of Labour have implemented the midday break commencing 1 July 2008.

It was not easy to implement this law. Although not reported, a few companies tried to bend the law and still have their labourers under the scorching heat.

Due to this, the UAE officials decided to impose a threat on companies violating this rule.

On its third year, this law is indeed a 'welcome break' for the labourers who have to bear the heat so that they can spend enough money to their home countries.

I think this is a good idea.

Even if we want to work 24/7, we cannot do that most especially if we feel uncomfortable in our working area.

I commend the UAE officials for being strict in imposing this law to the companies.

Well done! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Starting Over

Yes for the nth time, I have changed blogs for the past few years.

I did manage to park my thoughts in one blog for a long time but then since the Web is now gaining popularity, I thought of building a website of my own.

Unfortunately, I did not succeed.

So, instead of spending more and more money, I decided to earn first and the same time use this blog as my 'training ground' of doing reviews, feature articles, etc.

I hope you'd be there to help me achieve my goal!

Let's start the ball rolling!