Saturday, September 6, 2008

Indecent Acts = Jail?

The United Arab Emirates has been a favorite tourist spot of almost everybody! Europeans, Asians, Africans and the list goes on.

Aside from attracting tourists, the UAE also has a lot of job opportunities awaiting people who are currently affected by the recession.

Due to this increase in expatriates in the country, the rules and traditions of the country has been forgotten.

A recent 'indecent' act by two Europeans who were caught by police officials down at Jumeirah, caused UAE's officials to implement their laws as firm as they can.

The Dubai Police have been doubling their shifts to ensure that their country is not being violated by expatriates or tourists.

According to Dubai government statistics, out of 2.97 million beach visitors last year, 641 people were caught engaging in indecent acts (source: Al Arabiya Website).

I commend the government for doing this. People should also realise that there are some things that should and I reiterate should be done in the privacy of their homes or hotels.

The thrill... the excitement.. that's some of the reasons do it in places where they know they can get caught but that is not a valid excuse... not at all.

I hope tourists and expatriates in the country should be conscious of their acts to show respect to the country's traditions.

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