Monday, December 26, 2011

Fake Phones

I just saw a news clip in one of the Arabianbusiness alerts that I receive that both Etisalat and Du will block services of people who uses fake phones (look here and here).

This (in my honest opinion) be good and bad for their business. I guess bad in the sense that people will find it difficult to make use of their super shiny fake phones and now have to buy the legit ones. For the telecommunication and mobile phone companies, this is good because they get to sell their products as per the price they wanted and the other bundle products that they have on offer.

To be honest, there is really no point in buying fake items. If you cannot afford to do straight payments, retail stores tied up with credit card companies and started offering customers with their installment plans. In this, you get to have the phone that you want in staggered payments that you can extend for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months if possible.

I mean what can cheap fake phones benefit the user? Aside from not knowing when will it bog down, there is no guarantee that you get the value of the money you have paid - this does not only apply to phones but for other items as well such as bags, watches and more.

I just don't understand people who sells fake items. I know this is good business especially for people who like to keep up with the Joneses but isn't this like misleading people too?

I hope the fake stuff be put into halt and small businesses with authentic items to promote will make it for next year.

Phones can be a good start to combat other fake items right? :)

Happy holidays!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Switched Off but not intentionally !

Hi again.... wow what a hiatus but this one is not my fault.

We have (again) just moved into another place and was not able to have internet for almost 2 weeks but before that I was not able to blog because we were busy looking for another place to live!

So, I am switching my thinking button and at the same time checking out possible online opportunities so that I can add up on my 'rainy days' savings!

I have not reached a $100 but this is my fault because I was so busy dealing with my emotions about other people that I neglect the other things - like my writing :(

Hopefully that ends now as I am in a different path and scheme!


Whilst looking for possible online opportunities, I just noticed that I keep seeing ads or job posts saying that they will pay writers for $1 / 500 words??! Seriously?! I think the dollar fits about 200 to 250 words max but for 500 words? Why?

I know a lot of people do this for a living and some of them need a starting ground (like me) but not for the dollar!

I think people who posts these kind of work should at least consider a few things like time and research. I mean, if you want a decent article, you also need to be realistic that people will be investing time and effort.

I guess just a bit frustrated in the sense that employers kind of overlooked the fact that people do this for a living since times are tough these days.

Rambling thoughts again... I guess this is also because of the fact that I just got out of being super duper sick to being moderately sick (and hungry too!). I am just waiting for hubby to come home so that we can eat dinner.

Oh! It still is the day - Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!