Sunday, December 25, 2011

Switched Off but not intentionally !

Hi again.... wow what a hiatus but this one is not my fault.

We have (again) just moved into another place and was not able to have internet for almost 2 weeks but before that I was not able to blog because we were busy looking for another place to live!

So, I am switching my thinking button and at the same time checking out possible online opportunities so that I can add up on my 'rainy days' savings!

I have not reached a $100 but this is my fault because I was so busy dealing with my emotions about other people that I neglect the other things - like my writing :(

Hopefully that ends now as I am in a different path and scheme!


Whilst looking for possible online opportunities, I just noticed that I keep seeing ads or job posts saying that they will pay writers for $1 / 500 words??! Seriously?! I think the dollar fits about 200 to 250 words max but for 500 words? Why?

I know a lot of people do this for a living and some of them need a starting ground (like me) but not for the dollar!

I think people who posts these kind of work should at least consider a few things like time and research. I mean, if you want a decent article, you also need to be realistic that people will be investing time and effort.

I guess just a bit frustrated in the sense that employers kind of overlooked the fact that people do this for a living since times are tough these days.

Rambling thoughts again... I guess this is also because of the fact that I just got out of being super duper sick to being moderately sick (and hungry too!). I am just waiting for hubby to come home so that we can eat dinner.

Oh! It still is the day - Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!


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