Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photos online...

If you would notice in this blog, some of my photos are missing. This is because instead of saving the photo itself, what I do is I just copy the link of the photo and paste it in the blog - to save space for the blog. 

Due to this, I guess, if some of the websites will put down the images so does the link or if they change the code of the link, it does not link it back to my blog. 

This is the reason why I sometimes do not post photos anymore because I do not like the hassle of re-linking the photo or sometimes trying to look for it (or worse, search for a substitute!). 

However, I also read last night about the ways to get your blog noticed and one of the things highlighted was to have more visual - meaning more photos. 

At time, people tend to see the aesthetics first before reading the content of the webpage or blog. I need to make my blog more appealing to my viewers and also so that I can gain more positive responses on my freelance working as well!

I had a Photobucket account which I used before but that seems to fail me as well (boo!)... I just saw the post from Sharon's website (Get Paid to Write) about working environments and saw that she was using Flickr. This made me think about my Photobucket account. 

Should I just switch to Flickr instead?
I am unsure if this will resolve the issue about posting photos in my blog(s) - yes, I have this dilemma on all of them!! Probably, I need to investigate more on what I should use and see if this actually fits my purpose of what do I need / want to do with the photos.


Maybe you have any ideas for me? :)


  1. Great posts! Keep on blogging!

    1. Thanks! :) Hope you'll continue visiting the site :)