Saturday, July 19, 2008

Women Buses - Hoorah!

Finally, finally, the government of Dubai has found a solution to the long (I mean very looong queues) queues at the bus stops (read it here).

Whenever I stand on the bus stop under the heat of the sun, I always remember my home country. Yes, we may be experiencing a lot of economic issues but our men would still give up their seats to us, women.

The men here would deliberately ignore the women standing up!!

The most horrible thing is the bus drivers themselves would stop women from getting on the bus because the 'For Ladies' section is full!

So you can just picture it... most of the stranded passengers are women.

I would see women, tired from work, begging bus drivers to let them inside the bus just so they can go home and sleep.

I hope the move from Dubai government to introduce women-only buses would really happen.

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  1. Women-only buses. I like that idea pero siguro kung dito sa Pinas, malabo magkaron ng ganyan. Pansin ko lang kasi kulang pa din ang buses kumpara sa dami ng commuters.

    - Mj Ces

  2. Mukhang malabo nga dyan sa Pinas kasi masyado ng congested yung roads natin dyan, di tulad dito.

    For me, if implemented, it will be a good thing kasi grabe talaga ang naghihintay na babae sa initan! Buti na lng tpos na ang summer :)