Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Celebrity Buildings

How would you feel if it was Brad Pitt who designed your room? Or that you are residing to an apartment wherein the facilities are similar to what Tiger Woods have in his pad?

The real estate companies here in Dubai are trying to come up with bright ideas on how they can attract buyers to purchase freehold properties.

On 4 December 2007, ACI Properties launched the Niki Lauda Twin Towers followed by Michael Schumacher's Business Avenue and Boris Becker's towers.

These great sportsman have lent their names for these buildings so that the residents can feel the prestige.

Joining the bandwagon is Hollywood actor, Antonio Banderas. According to Arabianbusiness.com, Bandera's plans to put tie up with Hydra Properties, one of the developers in Dubai to construct what will provisionally be called 'Banderas Ranches'.

According to the news report, this property's main concept is about luxury residences in Spanish ranch style.

Negotiations are still ongoing as of press time though Banderas and his wife, Hollywood actress, Melanie Griffith is very happy to be part of the Dubai's development.

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