Friday, March 6, 2009

Remit... Remit... Remit...

I have been living in Dubai for the past five years and I cannot remember a day when I did not send any money to the Philippines!

Being an Overseas Filipino Worker a.k.a. OFW, our most important duty for our families and our country is to send remittances.

If sending remittances was a fad then the Philippines will never be out of fashion.

According to the, the remittances we are sending out is very important to our country's economy and the massive lay-offs is not helping the situation.

Since more people are out of work, the monthly remittance will also decrease.

There are even talks that the Philippines will suffer the blow of recession this year... now my friend back home begs to disagree.

According to her, the word recession is not necessarily applicable to the Philippines. The spending habits of Filipinos have not changed, she says.

People still go to malls and buy stuff... watch movies and eat out. There might have been a marginal decline but compared to Dubai wherein even during lunch breaks and rush hours, the restaurants do not have that much patrons and well, the roads is not congested anymore.

I still believe the Philippines can make it... as we Filipinos always find a way. We always survive because we know we can.

Now isn't that great? :)

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