Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vote Wisely

In just a few days, our country may experience change or we can just carry on with what we have. Even if I have not seen how the campaign was done I knew how they would conduct it. 

I was not wrong. 

Black propagandas were in the news about a presidentiable having a mental illness, the other has amassed a lot of money on the government projects he has proposed, so on and so forth. 

I am not sure if the Philippines has experienced a good leader. Someone who thinks about the people and not calculate the money he will gain when he sits as president for four years. Someone who will boost the country's economy. Someone who will attract its own people to move back to their home country and start their life there (From what I read in the papers, a lot of Filipinos are now trying their luck in other countries, fresh graduates only look for work that will take them to countries where they can live a decent life). Someone who will demand quality education from public schools so that private schools will have some competition. 

As always, the people have their own presidentiable to support. I am not sure if the reason they are rooting for that candidate because he can initiate change. I hope that's their reason and it's not because the candidate have promised them money after the elections.

Think about your children's future. 

Vote wisely. 


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