Saturday, April 24, 2010

To Strategically Get Myself OUT There

I think I have been writing this blog for a year now and I just noticed that my readers / fan base has not increased - I think it has not moved at all :(

True enough, I have not been promoting this blog as I should. Why? Hmm... I think it's more on the fact that I do not consistently write :(

I might need to start reading e-books, hardbound books and more articles about promoting myself and my writing as well.

Inline with that, I should also include in my goal / to-do list the fact that I need to write a post twice in a week... and make it personal.

While reading through my blog posts, some were personal and some were stiff. I think the posts with personal experiences or where I inject something about myself, that's the time I get people to react or comment about the post.

I guess, at times, I end up like a newspaper (and I have to say the newspaper is more interesting than my posts).

I need to learn more about reaching to people and make them read accounts that will either make them nod or shake their heads (because the post was crazy) or shrug their shoulders because they do not have anything to say.

Maybe I should not waste my time making my blog look attractive to the viewers... that can come later. My readers should be treated with respect because they would like to read more about content rather than appearance.

I should focus more on interesting topics and not post about things just because this blog needs 'some' content.

I know... so let's get it on! :-)

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