Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ukay-ukay vs. Online Auction

I was just watching one of the entertainment shows in the Philippines online when I saw one of their segments wherein KC Concepcion, National Ambassador Against Hunger, opened an online auction for her stuff which she labelled ' KC's Closet'.

In the interview, she said that all the stuff that is being auction are literally from her closet.

Now is this different from an ukay-ukay?

For the regular people, we would go to ukay-ukay stores and haggle (instead of bidding) the price from our suking tindera (sales person). People who are in a budget or just want to buy but cannot afford the designer items in stores now, will be there.

The main objective of people selling their clothes are:-

  • They have too much in their closet already 
  • They want to buy new clothes
  • It does not fit anymore
  • It was part of a past they don't want to remember 
  • They were forced to do so by their family because their things are eating up space in the entire house

During the old days, we usually just give our old clothes to our extended family, relatives, church, charity, etc. There was no price attached to it. We give it away because we know that it will either help them or well we just give it away for the same reasons mentioned above! :P

Now, someone must have seen this as a business opportunity because, at time, people are willing to pay any amount just to get 'that' thing - like when a comic fanatic sees a limited edition copy of Superman or Spiderman - they need to get their hands on a copy. No matter what the cost is.

Ukay - ukay or online auction - give it a try. It will surely leave a good feeling since you are selling items for a cause and besides being a celebrity has its perks. One way or the other, a fan would want to own 'something' her favorite movie star once have.

Happy Shopping! :)

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