Sunday, February 7, 2010

I heart Kindle

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I was just browsing through the internet when I saw the Kindle DX.

(Click the link above as it gives you more information about the Kindle DX)

I fell in love.

I have seen Oprah promote Kindle in her show. The device is really amazing! I know it will never replace the smell of paperback but with it being slim and portable, who would not want to have one?

The price is around $400++ (not including shipping)... it kind of made me think but the Kindle has 3.33GB storage so you can read not only your books but also if you have any document that require your undivided attention while you wait for your husband or kids from school.

Another 'add-in' is the fact that the Kindle can read to you. So imagine, driving yourself to a meeting but you did not get the time to read through the material... if it's in a .pdf format, put in your Kindle and let it read the notes you have prepared for the meeting - viola! ;-)

I want to add this in my wish list for 2010. I hope my secret Santa can read this and give the Kindle to me as an early Christmas present!
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