Thursday, February 4, 2010


While browsing my emails, I saw this news alert from Maktoob Business:-


In a nutshell, the article talks about the role being played by the expatriates in the country and how it has greatly affected the working condition for the locals.

If you think about it, in every country, there are expatriates and at times, if the rules & regulations of the country allows it, people from other country can be known as an immigrants or retirees. 

I think, that is a fact of life. All of us wants to have a decent life - in a country where we can do what we want, earn what we think is right for us and live the way we want to as long as we adhere to the country's laws.

I don't think the expat workers poses a threat to the locals - though if they do, the people should see it as a healthy competition. An expatriate was hired by the company because he  / she has a certain skill set that will be beneficial to the company. If the said position was also available to a local, bearing the same skill set, the company have to deliberate who should be hired - that is healthy competition.

Expatriates are visible in most of the countries because there is work being offered to them - with a decent salary which can support the family they have left behind or the family that they have brought with them.

Taking steps
The UAE government has already started implementing boundaries on which industry can an expatriate work , including defining the salary package, accommodation, etc. The government has even open doors for the younger generation to see the importance of work.

The decision is left with the labour force - are they willing to spend their time working or would they rather be somewhere else?
Carpenter at work on Douglas Dam, Tennessee (T...Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

Expatriates are hired because they are determined to earn every centavo to survive and provide. 

Making that bold move
The younger generation should be encouraged to work. The families should be able to allow their children to work - having a strong local labour force would be able to help the country's economy.

They need to make that bold move so that the country will also move forward.
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