Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day

When I was still in school, aside from the Junior-Senior Prom and the Foundation Day (your school's anniversary), the most awaited celebration is Valentine's Day.

During this time, friends who want to be 'more than friends' try to express it by having a bunch of flowers delivered to classrooms, poems are written, restaurants are jampacked for couples who believe that the Heart's Day is worth celebrating.

Aside from that, other couples would wear matching 'red' shirts either to signify that they are a couple or just because they want people to know they are very much in love with one another.

Nevertheless, restaurants, flower shops, candy stores, etc take advantage of this occassion... I think this includes the movie production outfits as well.

A feel good movie is a perfect way to either start that 'fire' (in expressing your love for one another) or to end the night (which can be sealed with a kiss).

Enter Valentine's Day - the movie which has an all-star cast led by Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner,Jessica Alba and more.

Seeing the preview of this film, I thought this is actually the same as 'Love Actually' but I can be wrong. I have not seen the entire movie trailer though I feel that this will definitely one of those movies that you might watch this Valentine's Day (warning for the guys .... suggestion for the girls).

**Image from Timeout Dubai

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