Sunday, July 11, 2010

Forbes' 15 Richest Royals

If you were given one billion dollars to spend what would you do with it?

Probably, I will buy a three-bedroom house complete with backyard and swimming pool. After that, I will buy my husband a car or maybe a van whatever he likes which we can use for the food / internet cafe business that we will be putting up.

The rest will be saved in the bank or will be invested in stock bonds or another business venture but I want to make sure that we keep enough money for the family - for the kid's education.

How do you think these royals spend their money? Forbes has recently named 15 of the richest royals in the whole world.

Starting it off with Thailand's King Bhuminol Adulyadej

Abu Dhabi's ruler came fourth and Sheikh Mohammed came sixth.

It seems like even with the recession happening all over the world, these royals still have enough billions in their sleeves. 

I sometimes wish I'm just like them but when I think about the riches that I have - not the material ones. It makes me smile and think that I will not trade that for anything in the world. 

**to see the full list of richest royals here>

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