Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in the UAE

This is my 6th year of spending Christmas in the UAE.

I always have this vision in my head that spending Christmas back home will definitely make me feel homesick and I will eventually find it hard to bring myself back here in the UAE to work. So to avoid that feeling, I always end up deciding not to go home.

It is not so bad really.

I mean, the malls now have Christmas trees, Santa Claus (even the elves!) and the whole shebang. I guess this is a way to thank the expatriates who have made their country where it is now. A nice gesture indeed... I am not sure if they were the first Gulf country to do it but to welcome other people's beliefs and traditions (especially) can be a big step.

The government and the leaders in this country are trying to make the tourists including the expatriates feel 'at home'. Indeed, for some (like me), the UAE has become our second home - a country hopeful that big things come in small packages :)

Merry Christmas everybody!!

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