Sunday, January 16, 2011

Updates! Updates! Updates!

A lot has happen when the year was about to end and when it started!

First off, we have moved houses which is why I was not able to dish out or post about anything for the past few weeks... Come to think of it, this is something new because for the first time, it's not my fault! (Aha!)

We just had the internet connection hooked up and is actually still on the trial phase because unfortunately, there would still be days when the connection would be very slow (I was told we have an 8 mpbs connection -- so why is it still slow???) ... though there would times that it will be very fast (very weird actually).

Second, people in Dubai or you can say the whole of UAE are still in a gloomy mood. Though reports were made that the country has already shrugged off the dust made by the previous recession, there are still a lot of work to be done which could mean companies going for mergers to save themselves or the worst part? closing down the business completely.

This is very sad because a lot of people have not seen this coming hence they were not able to save anything for the rainy days... a lot of people have either fled the country looking for work opportunities in another country or they stay with a 50% cut back from their previous salary.

Third, I could not believe when I say this photo and article about Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Well, I didn't know that Ryan and Scarjo have seperated ways?! I am not sure why I did not picked that up... (was I busy shopping for post-Christmas gift presents that's why I did not know about this?!).

According to this article, after two years of being together, Scarjo have decided to end their marriage. I am not sure if Ryan agreed to this set up but it seems he went to Sandra (his co-star in the Proposal) for some moral support.

Ryan and Sandra (photo taken from wonderwall

Eventually the moral support became something else... or could it be just the reporters trying to sensationalise a beautiful friendship? 

Well, I do hope that Ryan gets to heal his wounds by himself and not by dating another woman! 

That's it for now!! 


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