Saturday, February 12, 2011

Change is good

I have just seen the latest news flash about President Mubarak stepping down and handing over his duties to the military. 

After almost 20 days of protests, the Egyptians have gotten what they wanted - for their President to step down. As I read through the tweets in Twitter, you can sense the jubilation for Egyptians and other nationalities that the unrest is now over. The people were heard (finally) and the country now faces a new chapter, a new beginning. 

We all like new beginnings, a fresh start which is why I guess we always look forward for the New Year because it gives us a clean slate.

Now that the people of Egypt have proven that they can be united for one purpose, I hope they also use the same 'urge' to rebuild their country. In an economist's point of view, the country has lost a lot in terms of its financial standing however this can work on their advantage or disadvantage - it depends on how foreign and local investors would see how things will go in the coming days.  

I am positive that Egypt can rise up and be one as a nation - they were able to join forces regardless of background, financial standing, etc what more in re-building their nation?

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