Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blackberry -- The Comeback

I guess, October 11 will be considered the 'Death of Blackberry Messaging or commonly known as BBM' or maybe not. 

A lot of people were worried about what will happen after October 11. Some had to vent their anger and post frustrated statuses on their Facebook and Twitter, the popular social networking sites to date. 

According to Yahoo's Maktoob Business, UAE ambassadors had a positive meeting with Research in Motion (RIM) team. 

Maktoob Business

Prior to this news, the team has allowed Saudi Arabia to monitor the activity of BBM users in the country. 

I guess with a further meeting to take place, RIM team and UAE's ambassadors will come up with the best solution on how to tackle this problem. Being the Gulf's largest mobile phone user, I am sure that RIM team and Blackberry will not allow to lose this country on their top-ranking users. 

This is a relief that we, as humans, still have a right to dictate when we think technology is dominating our lives. A few years back, no one was THAT glued to the internet to check daily feeds about their friend's whereabouts or feed their virtual pets or playing video games for that matter.


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