Friday, September 10, 2010


Writing can be hard sometimes most especially when you need to focus on what you need to write. I mean I’m pretty sure writers / novelists and the like do have these moments when they know what they need / can write but gets distracted.

Here are just some of the Top 3 distractions:-

1)   Facebook
This social network site has been around for more than four years and I have a feeling that i
t is here to stay. Previously, it was just a website where people can comment on each other’s status, give each other gifts (either a care bear hug or a starbucks coffee) and post quotable quotes from famous movies or television series (e.g. Sex and the City, Friends, etc). Now, this site has transformed the idea of social networking. It has incorporated games so that friends can now interact via their kitchens, farms, etc.  

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It has gone a long way and is most important objective is for people not to leave the site and kind of use it day and night!

2)   Twitter
Another social network site that makes you stay in front the computer all day and night. As you read statuses from people you follow – it can be your friends, movie stars, love gurus, etc. A never ending banter of words can take place in this site which can also lead to interaction with other people whom you can consider to be your new friends – virtually.

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3)   Games
Aside from the games you play in the social networking sites, you, at times, engage into either a downloaded game or an online game. These types of games can be addictive and will definitely consume most of your time, if taken lightly.

There you have it my friends, the distractions that can break you from writing a paragraph or even a sentence. I guess, the solution (in case you want to work without distractions) is to pull the plug of your internet connection. Try collecting all your thoughts and have a draft in place. Knowing us writers, we always need to do a little research on the piece that we are writing about. By doing this, you will be one step away from completing your article.

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