Saturday, December 11, 2010

I just cannot believe!

How busy I was?

I have not updated my blog for the longest time! Imagine about two holidays have already passed and I still have the Eid Mubarak post as my welcome blog! Eeekkk!!

A lot of things have happened over the past few months.

  • The Blackberry RIM service was not suspended which was a relief to all BB users
  • The iPhone 4 was a hit when it was launched with Etisalat and Du going gaga over the sales (which eventually led to the acceptable price of the gadget... hint: some retailers would really go out of their way to mark the price up for almost 100%)
  • Seeing that the Blackberry is still in demand through the young and old alike, Etisalat has made a special offer for their BB-wannabes. More selling happened. 
  • Eid Al Adha was a hit. A lot of people were so happy that it fell on a weekend. 
  • Because of the much-needed break provided during Eid Al Adha, people forgot that there was still another reason to celebrate - Islamic New Year. Another nice long weekend happening here in the UAE though not everybody was given the opportunity to do so but a break is always welcomed.
On other news...

  • The Philippines have been busy pestering the President with his love life that he is now love-less (Thanks to the Press)
  • James Yap and Kris Aquino are now friends
  • The Morong 43 are now freed (as per the president but then again, the judge handling the case has the final say)
  • Wikileaks founder is now in Europe waiting... because they do not know what to charge him but as per the latest update there was a sexual case against the Wikileaks founder
  • The unexpected engagement between Kate Middleton and Prince William
  • More news about what Kate will wear on the wedding

I don't think I have covered it all but I am pretty sure I was able to highlight the important stuff that has happened over the past months (I still cannot believe I have not blogged - what happen to me?!)


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