Saturday, September 17, 2011

Neglect... PTCs... and more

Hey everybody! :) How's it going?

After my last post in June, I have been in hiatus once again. I guess you can say that my writing stint has taken a back seat at the moment. Not that I do not want to but it is because a lot of things have been piling up... work, our house renovation and more.

I guess I am more into that at the moment though I have not neglected my online presence...The only thing is, I am devoting it more to doing Paid to Click sites or also known as PTCs.

I think PTCs have been there for a long time already (probably 4 years already?). I once joined Clixsense thinking I could earn more dollars but it turns out -- it was pennies rather than a dollar! I decided to quit only to now join Neobux a few years later.

Neobux allows you to earn your first dollar in three months or so (I think). I have not been very active with this to be honest (I mean, how can my excitement build up when I earn $0.01 for every click! I have done the Math for it and I think it will take me three months or more to earn my first dollar!).

Though I decided not to give up on it because this is the first PTC site that I have seen that allows you to earn your first dollar and then the second dollar until it reaches 10 dollars - which will eventually be the minimum cash out in the future. Yes, I know it will take time but I thought of taking a chance for now since I am pretty much preoccupied with a few things and writing an article is something that I cannot do at the moment.

I still try to land a job in oDesk for transcribing or research.These tasks do not allow me to think that much. However, I still am not able to get any jobs. I think I need to take some tests to show them that I am fit to do the work.

Hmmm... Let me find time to do that... probably next week (again?!)...


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