Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nicole - What have you done?

When I was still in the Philippines, my weekends would usually be having dinner with friends, probably watch a movie with them or sometimes, we would go and hang out in a bar.

In all honesty, I never liked entering bars especially if the party has already started.


Well, the place will be filled up. For you to enter, you need to bump into lots and lots of people... some would bump you intentionally and try to take advantage of the situation.

I also don't like the idea of meeting guys in the bar and end up going home with them - like what happened to 'Nicole' (Sorry if I might offend someone here but of course, this is just my personal point of view).

An adventure that turned into a terrible, terrible nightmare (see articles about it here)!

Lance Cpl Daniel Smith is now being detained in the US Embassy and Nicole has left the country to start a new life.

When we all thought that the case is now put to rest and justice has been served, Nicole has sent a statement recanting her testimony stating that she was just scared on how her mom and her boyfriend would react if they find out what happen to her.

This statement has caused another media frenzy and a lot of women groups were stunned with this new development.

I feel sad because once again, we have tarnished our image. I don't know if it was because a settlement was made between Nicole and whoever. It just sends a wrong message about us, Filipinas.

Living here in a different country, we struggle to keep our heads high. This kind of 'news' does not help us at all.

I hope that Nicole will re-think the decision she has made. As this does not only reflect on her but also to all the Filipinas as well.

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