Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When should laws be changed? or modified?

My room mate and I were watching Showbiz News Ngayon (SNN) two days ago and we had to stop what we were doing to listen to what Claudine Barretto-Santiago and Raymart Santiago have to say about what happen to their baby, Sabina Santiago (read more from here and here).

We cannot believe our ears when we heard that the fan will not be charged of anything because she did not touch Sabina or did not have Sabina for a day!!!

Now what does that mean?

Sabina had to be with this lady for a day or two before the police can file a case? Is the intention not clear? How can the person who did it understand that what she had done was wrong? How can we set an example for others who are planning to do it as well. What kind of message are we sending to tourists? foreign artists? It's okay?

I think our lawmakers should start doing something about this.

We are talking about the safety of our children and the people who are visiting our country. We cannot just shrug our shoulders and say 'Well, that's what the law states' and we forget about it as if it did not happen.

On the other hand, I commend Sabina's yaya as she remained alert and did her job well because she immediately called the couple and confirmed if the information is correct or not.

I hope the Santiagos have rewarded their helper for being alert in these kind of situations.

I am not rich and maybe there will not a 'fan' stalking me... but it is good to know that our lawmakers will take note of this issue and try to modify the law. It would not hurt, right?

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