Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mohammed Alshaya Plans to Open Office Depot and Express

I have been browsing over the internet and saw this post from

Back in the Philippines, my trip to the mall would not be complete if I do not stroll inside National Bookstore. Inside, you would see piles and piles of notebooks, pad papers (long pad, intermediate pad, 1/2 pad and 1/4 pad), staplers, fasteners, binder notebooks and so much more.

Aside from that, they also have books from Tagalog romance to International best sellers.

I would spend hours inside the bookstore that my mom had to drag me out or would at times threaten not to give us a snack if I do not leave NB.

When I came to Dubai, I decided to document my stay here cause maybe I could write a book about it (still have that notebook!). Imagine my dismay when I could not find a stationary shop here in Dubai - the place that has almost everything!

This news about Mohammed Alshaya opening US store, Office Depot and Express is something that I will definitely look forward to.

Yes, Magrudy's, Borders and other bookstores are available but it's still not the same as National Bookstore.

I know the store says Office Depot but I'm expecting a lot of writing pads, notebooks, school supplies and more will be available in this store.

I feel this would allow the kids to be more creative - in paper. For them to write about their thoughts or draw whatever they want.

Sure am expecting this store!!! :)

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