Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do You Have a Hidden (Hayden) Video?

Philippine showbiz is one colorful coloring book. There will never be a 'black & white' situation, there is always a splash of color. It could be green for envy or money, yellow for 'good news', red for love and more.

Recently, both the Philippine showbiz and politics were rattled by a 'leakage'. This 'leak' was not really that of interest to anybody until the video was released via the internet.

If you are a Filipino or you know a Filipino, the name 'Hayden' will ring a bell. After mentioning his name, you will either snicker, think of an appropriate adjective to describe him or maybe well, the most common reaction, laugh.

The distribution of this video can be compared to the forestfires experienced by the Americans. People downloaded, uploaded and shared these videos now known as 'The Hayden Kho Video Scandal'. There was no intention to make the videos public. According to Hayden in the Senate enquiry, it was just for him, his own private collection.

The bravest of them all
The girls in the video were made known to the public and only one of them emerged and said 'Foul' - Katrina Halili.

Katrina and Hayden had a relationship two years ago and the so-called sex videos were taken during that time. Four videos in total.

Katrina admitted that in those three videos, she was aware that Hayden was filming their intimate moment. However for the fourth one, she did not have a clue that they were being filmed.

Concerned Politicians
Senator Bong Revilla Jr. described Hayden as a pervert. After Senator Revilla Jr., the other senators took the lead and called Hayden many names.

Due to this, a Senate enquiry had to happen to resolve this issue. The first enquiry was held wherein every Filipino who knew about the issue, watched how Afuang poured water on Hayden Kho... how Katrina glared at Hayden... how Hayden explained his sexual disorder.

What's Next?
I do not know why but I feel sorry for Hayden.

I do not understand why this issue has to be publicised. Everyone agreed that it is a sensitive matter and it being one, why are they allowing Katrina and Hayden discuss in detail what has happen in national TV?

Aren't the videos enough proof that women's rights were violated? That the whole incident is very sensitive and should be discussed behind close doors?

Many can argue about openness and transparency but I guess this particular case is an exception.

I do not feel any anger towards him because of what he has done but I do think he is one disturbed individual and I feel sorry for him.


  1. i agree with the author. Hayden Kho just put himself into a very critical situation that even Vicky Belo and Mrs. Irene Kho cannot save him. Now many are angry with him. Her victims, Lolit Solis, Sen. Bong Revilla, Gabriela Women's party, etc.

    One good thing is that Sen. Bong Revilla give his helping hand in solving this case of "perversion". I just hope the other victims show up and fight for their rights. Lets just support the senate especially the senate committe that handles this case.

  2. lets support our government specially all of the senadors that are handeling katrina’ case against hayden particlarly Sen. Bong Revilla and Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, were going to play an essential role for the inprisonment of hayden kho which is a pervert…....

  3. The only reason why this whole thing blew out of proportion was because of the way people have reacted towards it- specifically the media and the masses.

    After last week’s senate committee hearing, we all figured that both Halili and Kho are victims of their current situation.

    But before the hearing, people have been making issues out of "the issue," involving other people who shouldn’t be put in the spotlight; for example, the senators, particularly, Bong Revilla.

    This is one noticeable thing Filipinos are all fond of doing.

    And one habit that we have never tried quitting.