Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dubai Metro opens on 09.09.09 at 9PM in 9 stations

Are you ready?

It was just a dream before… however through the persistence of one man, the dream became a reality.

Today is a remarkable day for the Emiratis and for Sheikh Mohammad, a well-deserved pat on the back, as the Dubai Metro opens its doors.

Dubai Metro 2Image by DubaiFM via Flickr

Dubai, being the tourism and business hub of the UAE, was becoming too congested and thus the plan of having a metro rail system.

This idea caused a stir. Others welcomed the metro because most of the time, they get stuck in traffic after spending most of their day in the office. Others say, this will just remain as a dream.

Construction started in January 2005. The contractors involved in building the metro need not only think of completing the project on time but also the traffic management in the whole of Dubai. They had to make sure that the motorists are given alternate routes so that there will not be a bumper-to-bumper traffic taking place.

Managers, engineers and labourers work day and night. I remember seeing people still working whenever I pass by Burjuman Area (or what is known as the Khalid Bin Waleed Station).

It was then announced that the metro will open on 09.09.09. Others laughed it off and concluded that it will not open on that day – well, Road & Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai government used this as a motivation to complete it!

The stations were like caterpillars turning into butterflies! A complete transformation!

Ongoing construction of the metro station

Almost complete!

Check out this link that shows the metro's destinations!

The metro will be operating in five zones. The initial fare (3 kms) is Dhs. 2.50. This is equivalent to the bus fare which is also being operated by the RTA. The next rate is for Dhs. 4.50 if you are crossing two zones and Dhs. 6.50 if you are crossing more than two zones.

Aside from being ‘just a station’, it will also have food and shop establishments that will suit the needs of its everyday commuters.

This is just the beginning for the Dubai Metro. There will be more to come!

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