Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rachel Lindsay as the next The Bachelorette!

Way to go Rach!

I am psyched and excited! Rachel Lindsay will be the next The Bachelorette! ABC's reality show host, Chris Harrison did hint that there is a possibility for Rachel to snag the post, but I didn't think my hunch will be right!

Well, technically, I wanted her to end up with The Bachelor Season 21 star Nick Viall. For me, they look good together. The lawyer getting the first impression rose meant something right? However, over the past few episodes, she was not always at the limelight (unlike Corinne and her nanny, Raquel). However, when she is, you can see the spark between the two of them. 

With things not going so well in The Bachelor world, I have a feeling Nick may just choose someone to get the season over with. Who would it be? Reality Steve says it's Vanessa Grimaldi. I do agree with him. This is because when they had gone for a one-on-one date, there is also that chemistry between them. 

Ain't they cute?
However, I am not sure if their relationship will last. Why? Nick seems dead set to joining the Hollywood world (similar to Corinne's goal). Despite these setbacks, I am still rooting for the Rachel-Nick pair to hook up after a few years. 

I am no fortune teller but I am seeing them crossing paths soon... well, technically three to four years later, maybe. If I'd still remember, I want to go back to this post after a few years and see if my predictions were right. 

According to Us Weekly, Harrison described Rachel as "incredibly smart, sweet, caring yet strong and independent." That's my girl! I will not miss watching Rachel's The Bachelorette episodes. I hope ABC will cast bachelors that are worthy of her time. 

Hopefully, they'd get an athlete, a businessman and probably a boy-next-door kind of bachelor. I am sure it will be a good season for The Bachelorette Season 13. Now, let's all wait for this The Bachelor season to finish and let The Bachelorette commence!       

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