Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ryan Gosling La La Land Movie Is Not the Only One Making Waves Right Now

The Oscar season is fast approaching and Ryan Gosling La La Land movie is predicted to win the Best Picture category. However, aside from Gosling's movie, his supporters can't help but fall in love with his other version too: being a father to his two daughters and a loving partner to actress Eva Mendes. 

La La Land got the Oscar's nod 14 times. Forbes reports that this number of nominations tie up the Damien Chazelle movie with All About Eve and Titanic. The two movies also reaped 14 nominations before. 

La La Land vs Hidden Figures

The report notes that La La Land's strongest contender for the Best Picture cateogry will be Hidden Figures. This is because, per the source, the other movies competing for the same category are either from a small production like Manchester By The Sea. Moreover, some are almost done with their theatrical release like Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge. 

However, it is still anyone's ball game. Gosling and the rest of the world will only know when the Oscar officially hands over the trophies to its winners on February 26. 

Ryan Gosling is a fun dad!

On the other hand, People Magazine had a chance to speak to insiders close to the Gosling household. The said insider revealed how The Notebook actor is as a father to his two daughters: Esmeralda Amada and Amada Lee. The latter source notes that the actor is a fun daddy. 

"He’s always been like a kid at heart, so he’s a fun dad with lots of energy," said the source to the media outlet. On the other hand, the family wants to maintain their low-key lifestyle. Despite the Canadian actor's great career, they still remained in his bachelor pad. Moreover, they do not have any nanny to watch over the kids! 

Another insider told the same publication that should the couple need an extra hand, Eva Mendes' family comes to their rescue. In addition, the couple prefers that their daughters do not live a life under the criticizing eyes of the media. 

This move is probably best for the girls so that they can enjoy their childhood without the papparazzi's following them. On the other hand, women continue to swoon over Gosling and his boyish looks. Unfortunately, the deal has been sealed and Mendes has and will always have his heart. Well, we can all enjoy Ryan Gosling La La Land movie and drool there. 

Source: Twitter/ E! News

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