Thursday, April 27, 2017

Married at First Sight Season 5 Couples: Ceremony's Over, What's Next?

Married at First Sight Season 5 couples exchanged vows and are ready to take on the married life with a complete stranger. What happens in the honeymoon?

Well, that is what we are all going to find out when Married at First Sight Season 5 Episode 3 airs on Thursday, April 27. The upcoming Married at First Sight Season 5 episode made me binge watch its previous episodes.

Danielle DeGroot
On the couples' wedding day, Cody and Danielle, Sheila and Nathan, and Ashley and Anthony seemed impressed with one another. Looking at them, they all seemed to feel the physical attraction that they have for one another. Though for me, I think it was more obvious with Nathan that he really does want to consummate the marriage on their first night. I think Sheila shares Nathan's sentiment but is either shy to tell the camera or is being cautious with her father around.

However, a teaser towards the end of Episode 2 reveals that these married couples are and will be experiencing a lot of crossroads along the way. I even saw Cody tell the crew if they can just stop filming.

Like everyone else, I am interested to see whether all three couples will emerge victorious from this social experiment or they will return to singledom with loads of learned experience from the reality show.

If you ask me, I am rooting for Danielle and Cody. I think the connection is there and they seem to like one another. Though I have a problem with Cody's squeaking voice. I think it happens to him when he gets really nervous!

Nice wedding photo-op

Watch the Married at First Sight Season 5 couples on Thursday, April 27 on Lifetime.

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