Friday, July 7, 2017

The nosy housewife got busy

Yes busy with work and another hobby that I found to relax me after all the deadlines that I need to meet. I went local and started watching (drum roll please) Pusong Ligaw :)

At first, I don't know why I am drawn to this TV series but when I started watching the series, I realized, apart from the plot, I like how they brought the cast together. I am not saying that they are not famous personalities but I think the group can act well because there is no superstar within the team that needs to shine brighter than the rest.

I have always been a silent supporter of Diego Loyzaga and Sofie Andres, separately. I have seen them both act in various TV series and I like how they treat the characters they play. I am happy that they are given these lead roles and I can say that they are playing it right.

The show has just started and I am still hooked watching it. Let's see how everything will pan out.

Oh by the way, I am will try a new thing and will go local with my features. However of course, if there is something juicy on the international scene, why won't I feature it right? :)

ABS-CBN's new day-time series, Pusong Ligaw

Source: YouTube 

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